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The Walking Dead: This Sunday’s Daryl Centered Episode Fell to Record Low Viewers in 10 Seasons. How Low?

Published on March 10th, 2021 | Updated on March 10th, 2021 | By FanFest

The Walking Dead viewership numbers are falling so fast that the last remaining fans have to wonder if the spinoffs and Rick Grimes movies are ever going to happen.  The Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) centered episode was the lowest viewed episode of all-time.  In fact, the show lost almost 500,000 viewers in one week. What is worse, that is about 20% of the remaining audience.

The Maggie return episode of The Walking Dead registered 2.89 million viewers. The prior episode was 2.73 million (the Season 10 Special Event in October).  At the peak of its popularity, the show was bringing in an average of 15 million viewers. In its Season 5 premier, the show brought in a staggering 17.29 million viewers in 2014.

The newest episode, which followed Daryl’s search for Rick and then introduced a love-interest for Daryl saw just 2,259,000 viewers.  That’s a huge fall.

No other show has seen such a quick, massive ratings decline and stayed on the air.

Where have all of the viewers gone?  The question can be answered with its own question: Where have all of the characters gone?

Unfortunately, a show that has made a living by shocking its fans with unexpected deaths at any moment went too many deaths too far. If you polled fans (as we have over the years), the losses of Abraham, Glenn, and Carl took major chunks out of viewership numbers.  The departure of Rick Grimes, it’s central character, took all of the rest.

However, AMC continues to hang onto the property. Why? The network has to be betting that viewers will return when Rick Grimes does.  When that is, who knows? Or, they’re happy with the minimal viewership numbers they are receiving, which are still better than what most networks are receiving for the same targeted demographic.

Yet, did AMC kill the franchise? Probably so. Had it ran 5-6 seasons, it may have gone down as one of the greatest shows ever on television. Instead, it will be remembered as a zombie. A show that somehow stumbled on when no one is noticing and without the humanity that once made it live.

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13 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: This Sunday’s Daryl Centered Episode Fell to Record Low Viewers in 10 Seasons. How Low?

  1. Its not AMC its the writers that killed all the important people off like Glen, Abraham, Tyrese, Sasha and Carl I know one person for sure messed everything up. His name Scott Gimple down hill ever since ☹️

  2. I still love it and hope it gets better. Bring back Rick! Let him meet his son!

  3. Personally, I hated Carl and was glad when they killed him off. But I’ll tell you what killed the show. It started at the beginning of season two and took effect when AMC got rif of Frank Darabont. His vision was what the foundation of the show was built upon then they discarded it like it was nothing. Darabonts vision had a Night of The Living Dead grounded in reality feel to it and that’s what I loved about it. After season 2 it started to fall apart but the story was still good so people kept watching. Slowly, like a rot, Gimple the Pimple decomposed the show and made it feel more like a fantasy than a grounded tv show. Granted, the death of Glen and Abe had a major effect, but I think most viewers were looking for a reason to stop watching by then. Also, the quality of actors began to decline…..but I think Darabont getting pushed out was the main reason the show suffered.

  4. The Walking Dead will always be remembered! It want be remembered as a Zombie. As much as I hated to see Rick leave, they have to add new characters. An some of the new characters are great… The Walking Dead will always be my favorite show… an I will always go back an watch it…

  5. TWD lost all its charm with the death of Abraham, Glenn & Carl and when Rick left, he took all the loyal fans with him. The writers and producers screwed up and thanks to their stupidity the TWD was killed by dumbasses and without the help of LUCILLE! Scott Gimble you are a complete IDIOT! Ty for nothing!

  6. As a Daryl lover above all the rest , I did not want to see him hook up with just any woman and if he did find someone that was incredible, there would have to be many (suggested sex scenes-hot and steamy) and this left me wanting much more! It just never felt developed and Norman (Daryl) did not give off any sexy vibes at all

  7. Love the Walking Dead! The Harry and Meghan interview was on at the same time as this show.
    We can always catch a episode of TWD at a later time.

  8. I like it just fine. I have seen all the episodes and it’s still my favorite show. I have never agreed with critics.


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