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The Walking Dead: Fans Are Losing It On Social Media Over Daryl Hooking Up With Leah

Published on March 8th, 2021 | Updated on March 8th, 2021 | By FanFest

Last night’s The Walking Dead focused on Daryl, his dog, and a mysterious woman named Leah.  The episode focused on Daryl’s search for Rick but fans’ biggest takeaways were the origin story of dog and the character’s first on-screen romance with Leah.

We leanred about the six years between Rick’s disappearance and the state of affairs of Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus). Actress Lynn Collins was cast to star opposite Reedus in the episode. The episode showed a lengthy several years between the two characters that ended up in romance but also with her character leaving Daryl and dog behind.

The last ten episodes of Season 10 are very narrowed and focused only on a handful of characters. This Daryl episode is as good as it gets. Yes, we do see Carol (Melissa McBride) and a new character, but this is all about Daryl. A highly character-driven episode gives fans the best of everything Reedus and Daryl have to offer.

Collins has made television appearances in True Blood (2008) and Manhunt: Unabomber (2017), and is recognized for her roles in films such as X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) and John Carter (2012).  While her character on The Walking Dead remains mysterious, the characters name is Leah.


The episode had fans losing their minds in both good and bad ways.  After years of shipping Carol and Daryl (or even Beth or Connie with Daryl), Daryl, in a single episode, cultivates a new romantic relationship with a character introduced in the same episode. We don’t think this is what fans had in mind for Daryl.  For years, fans also had theories that Daryl was possibly gay or just not interested in sexual relationships at all.  Boy were they wrong!

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One thought on “The Walking Dead: Fans Are Losing It On Social Media Over Daryl Hooking Up With Leah

  1. I loved it. Daryl and Leah awesome and liked seeing Daryl in a romance. I don’t think Daryl and Carol have chemistry, she seems more like his mother.


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