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The Walking Dead: Show’s Viewership Almost Completely Gone, Falls from 17 Million to Under 3 Million Viewers Last Week

Published on March 8th, 2021 | Updated on March 8th, 2021 | By FanFest

Why is The Walking Dead still on the air?  The show once dominated cable television but now airs almost without notice.

Last week The Walking Dead registered 2.89 million viewers. The prior episode was 2.73 million (the Season 10 Special Event in October).  At the peak of its popularity, the show was bringing in an average of 15 million viewers. In its Season 5 premier, the show brought in a staggering 17.29 million viewers in 2014.

No other show has seen such a quick, massive ratings decline and stayed on the air.

Where have all of the viewers gone?  The question can be answered with its own question: Where have all of the characters gone?

Unfortunately, a show that has made a living by shocking its fans with unexpected deaths at any moment went too many deaths too far. If you polled fans (as we have over the years), the losses of Abraham, Glenn, and Carl took major chunks out of viewership numbers.  The departure of Rick Grimes, it’s central character, took all of the rest.

However, AMC continues to hang onto the property. Why? The network has to be betting that viewers will return when Rick Grimes does.  When that is, who knows? Or, they’re happy with the minimal viewership numbers they are receiving, which are still better than what most networks are receiving for the same targeted demographic.

Yet, did AMC kill the franchise? Probably so. Had it ran 5-6 seasons, it may have gone down as one of the greatest shows ever on television. Instead, it will be remembered as a zombie. A show that somehow stumbled on when no one is noticing and without the humanity that once made it live.

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12 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Show’s Viewership Almost Completely Gone, Falls from 17 Million to Under 3 Million Viewers Last Week

  1. Hey idiot, walking dead ‘s viewership numbers look like that , because those are the people actually watching it on its Sunday nite slot. AMC has this thi ng called AMC premiere. It releases new episodes on the Friday before its actually released. More people are watching it on friday/Saturday. Maybe if u did your homework and knew about this you wouldn’t be on here running your mouth about shit you don’t know about. Also if you did your research you would also know they are in their final season. You would be great working on CNN or MSNBC reporting on all the “great” things that piece of shit Biden is doing. You useless ass fuck.

  2. This pandemic has caused a majority of cable users to choose between cable and food.
    Even the AMC app only shows up to the season 10 half-way point and then only for a week prior to the last part of season 10. If one does not have cable, they can not see any of the past ten seasons. Netflix only has the first nine seasons to view. Still not releasing the first half to Netflix of season 10.
    I have read many of the posts for previews of an upcoming episode. Many are fed up, being loyal to AMC for the first nine seasons are are let down by the preferential treatment for those who have money, over the followship.

  3. The newest show when Maggie came back I thought was really good, I was excited to see Maggie come back, I thought the show would get better. I like Carol and Daryl but , I think Losing Glenn and Rick and Carl have killed the show. Honestly I think Fear the walking dead is much better.

  4. I’m still watching but i didn’t really care for the Whisperers season, and honestly once Rick left it wasn’t something i just have to watch anymore

  5. Its just easier now to watch later on…without the commercials…maybe. Plus it took so long for it to come back on that other Networks started New shows that we got into also..Just getting Lost…but Darryl….humm.have to see..

  6. Carl case shut the fuck up all the bullshit started all trump was in office blame him for all coronavirus issues but blame Biden for trying to fix them you stupid bitch.

  7. Keep the Walking Dead run very great show just hate stupid AMC once try to shut it down how could you shut the show down the stairs moving so good for years I have so many fans but keep the show going on.

  8. exactly these people need to do their research ive been watching it on fridays too and alot of people stream it as well albeit illegally but all my freinds and family are still watching it get ya facts right ya divs

  9. The author of this article hasn’t a clue. True TWD fans will always watch the show. The true numbers aren’t revealed. Joe Biden is trash. Kamala Harris is trash too..

  10. You don’t deserve to gave the faithful viewers you still have. What ever made you kill off Carl was the worst decision you ever made he was the future of the show even with Rick gone you still had a connection to the original cast now that future is gone and with it your viewers.


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