The Walking Dead: Releases 7 New Images for the Upcoming 6 New Episodes, Including Daryl, Negan & New Villains

There’s been a lot of news about The Walking Dead over the past several months with new shows, an extended Season 10, and more content on the way! Fans are excited about what’s to come, as the main Walking Dead show will come to an end with Season 11. And now we know The Walking Dead will return on February 28th! We’ve finally got a real trailer for the new 6 episodes! Plus, 7 new images from the episodes.

Check out these awesome images!


This first image reveals Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Lucille, Negan’s wife, during the apocalypse before we met Negan.  Negan’s wife is played by Morgan’s real-life wife, Hilarie Burton Morgan.  The two star in the episode together, which must have been a real treat for the Morgans.


This next image shows an encounter between Carol (Melissa McBride) and Daryl (Norman Reedus).  This episode that features the pair is supposedly about the time between Rick’s disappearance and the arrival of The Whisperers.  The episode will reveal where Daryl went, as he searched for clues for Rick’s survival or death.


This next image is one that we’ve all been looking forward to seeing, it’s the confrontation of Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan.  This will be the first time that the two characters have seen each other since Maggie’s departure.  As we all know, Negan killed Maggie’s husband, Glenn, and Negan is now a free man.  How will Maggie react to this?


This next images hows the first encounter between CRM and Princess (Paola Lazaro).  This will be a pivotal moment for the series, as it will lead the show into it’s final chapter involving The Commonwealth, which is the final story line in the comic books.


This next images shows Aaron (Ross Marquand) and Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) surrounded by walkers. This image appears to take place sometime after The Whisperers, however, we can’t be certain.


This next image is of Maggie.  Maggie will get her own devoted episode in the six new episodes.  The episode will reveal where Maggie is been, along with learning more about her masked friend who assisted her in saving our survivors from The Whisperers.  We will also get to know her son, young Hershel, more in the episode.


This final image is of Daryl.  It’s hard to pinpoint when this image takes place, but it appears that this is of Daryl out searching for Rick.

The show is set to return on February 28, 2021 with six new episodes. The titles of the episodes are as follows:

  • Home Sweet Home
  • Find Me
  • One More
  • Splinter
  • Diverged
  • Here’s Negan

Check out the trailer below and then read about some of the amazing episodes that are coming!

The episode, Find Me, according to the synopsis, will be about:

“An adventure for Daryl and Carol turns sideways when they come across an old cabin. It takes Daryl back to the years when he left the group after Rick disappeared as he relives a time that only the apocalypse could manifest.”

Daryl was on his own during this six year period. He was away from the group and trying to reconcile the loss of Rick and what the future would bring.

On a previous episode of Talking Dead, Reedus said about Rick’s disappearance, “I think he’s been looking for this body. ‘If he died, where’s his body? … I think he needs closure. There’s a piece of this puzzle missing.” Obviously, Daryl didn’t get that closure and, at this moment, he’s not aware that Michonne located some clues that Rick may still be alive.

What’s also amazing is the title of the last episode, Here’s Negan. This is the exact title used for the stand alone comic book that featured Negan’s backstory. If you’ve been paying attention, then you already know that this episode has been filming with Jeffrey Dean Morgan portraying Negan with his real-life wife, Hilarie Burton, portraying Negan’s wife, Lucille. The episode will be completely focused on Negan’s back story.

This all sounds like one amazing of The Walking Dead that we have to look forward to! What are you most excited about in these upcoming six episodes of The Walking Dead? Let us know in the comments below! Check out our Walking Dead Christmas guide too!

The Walking Dead Season 10 will return in February, 2021!


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