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‘The Walking Dead’ Christmas Gift Guide: Pops, Collectibles and More

Published on November 5th, 2020 | Updated on November 5th, 2020 | By FanFest

This Christmas, your special someone can only think of one thing: receiving The Walking Dead Christmas gifts, pops, toys, collectibles and merchandise.  Don’t worry! We’ve got your gift giving covered this holiday season to make things especially simple for you!

The hottest Walking Dead gifts this holiday season are far and away The Walking Dead Pop Vinyl toys from Funko.  Why is that? Funko hasn’t released any new Pops! since December of last year and ALL of the other Walking Dead Pops! have been retired.  Prices are skyrocketing on them – so you’d better collect the ones you are missing!


The Walking Dead hasn’t released any new Pops! since December of 2019 and quantities are starting to dwindle, as they are retiring almost all of the Pops! Here’s a few of our favorites that are still reasonably priced!


Clean Shaved Negan


You can keep building your own personal Walking Dead collection of dvds and blu-rays, as the Season 8 and Season 9 collections have some amazing behind-the-scenes features and additional content that is unavailable during the regular seasons!  Season 10 is not available yet and probably won’t be until the new episodes have aired in 2021.

Season 8

Season 9

For the fan who likes to show off their passion and fandom for The Walking Dead, there’s some phenomenal new shirts and merchandise.  From shirts to bags, who can walk out of the house making sure everyone knows what your favorite show is!  For more shirts than those below, click here!

Daryl Messenger Bag

Michonne Messenger Bag

Negan Holiday Sweatshirt

For that hardcore Walking Dead fan who just wants to display stuff and show off at home, there’s some amazing items for them too!

Michonne’s Katana

The Walking Dead Comics Compendium 15th Anniversary Set

Daryl’s Crossbow

The Walking Dead Negan Coffee Mug

The Walking Dead Card Game

The Walking Dead Katana Letter Opener

The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Christmas Ornament

Something we’re missing? We’ve started the search for you to find more! Just click here!

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