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‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Episode 910 “Omega”

Spoilers from The Walking Dead Episode 910 lie ahead.


We first flashback to the beginning of the apocalypse. The voice of a woman and sirens are instrcuting people to follow the directions of emergency personnel. We see a young Lydia with her mom. Her father is worried because the world is ending. Lydia’s mom comforts her. She begins to sing a song about her name.

Presently, Lydia remembers her father and his coldness. She tells Henry about it. We are seeing the story she’s telling. Daryl listens in as they talk.

Henry says walking around in dead peoples skins is messed up. Lydia says thy are pretending in these communities because they will fall. Henry talks about his mom and how she’s tough. “You don’t mess with her.” He says. He asks about her dad. We see a clip of him dying on the ground, seemingly stabbed. “My dad was a stupid man.” Lydia replies coldly. She compares her mom to his. “You don’t mess with her either.” She says Daryl is still listening.

Tara, Magna, Connie and more continue searching. They come across walkers. They cautiously attack.
They kill the walkers and realize that the horses they feasted on were Luke and Alden’s. They say the horses looks to have been slit open, so it wasn’t just walkers. Tara says they have to be careful and that Lydia is a liar. She says they aren’t safe outside.

In the basement cells, Henry offers Lydia his other egg. She says hunger is a gift. She asks why he’s being nice to her. She says her dad said it would never be okay.

Flashback to her dad trying to take everyone out of the bunker when the apocalypse hits. Her mom doesn’t want to leave because it’s dangerous. She refuses to go. He grabs a pair of scissors menacingly, and cuts his beard off.
Henry says her mom sounds nice. She asks about his life, and he shares too much about The Kingdom. Daryl busts in angrily and takes Henry out. He shoves him scolds Henry. Henry defends Lydia and is upset he was being listened to. He storms off. The next day Daryl confronts her. He offers her a pill for her ear pain. She refuses. Daryl tells her about what happened with the horses and asks if she thinks her mom would kill their people. She says she would if she had to.

Another flash back to the beginning of the apocalypse. People begin to panic because they’ve been stuck. Lydia’s mom freaks out on one man who is panicking. She tells him he’s weak and pathetic. She covers his mouth for too long and he dies. Daryl says her mom did what she had to do. And throws her the pills. He gives her water with a ladle, and she attacks him.

Now back at Hilltop, Magna and Connie want to go out back out and find Luke. They argue about leaving against Tara’s wishes. They say Luke would want them to be together. Connie says Luke is part of their group and they need to find him. The decide to leave tonight.

Daryl asks Lydia why she has bruises still, if her had is dead. He asks why she’s protecting her mother. She defends her because the world changed and agrees with her ways.

A flashback appears and Lydia’s mom has shaved her head. They haven’t been able to get rid of the body she killed. Her dad comforts Lydia. In the middle of the night, young Lydia gets up and walks to the body. She uncovers it. It then awakens as a zombie. It kills her dad. Lydia says he was stupid for protecting her, and that’s what her mom drilled into her mind.

Magna and the group start their attempt to leave, and are successful.

Henry was listening to Lydia and Daryl talk. He runs after him. Henry tells a story about Carol and why she keeps her hair short. It was to avoid further abuse from her husband. Now she’s grown it out because she feels safe. Henry asks Daryl if he was abused. He tells Daryl he can show Lydia there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Connie shines a flashlight in the woods at tracks. The group debates about leaving camp originally. A walker emerges, and then more. They decide it’s too dangerous and they need to go back. Kelly is upset and wants to keep searching, because Luke once saved her life. Connie offers to stay with her. The camera shows whisperers lurking in the shadows.

Henry goes down to talk to Lydia. He tells her he likes her and thinks she’s a good person. He unlocks her cell and tells her they have to be quiet and careful. They walk around Hilltop, and Lydia picks up a worm from the dirt and eats it. She gives half to Henry. She backs up to a hammer, and grabs it behind her back. Lydia says places like this aren’t supposed to exist. She hears a baby crying and then panics. She can’t take being out free. She asks him to put her back in the cell. She asks him to stay with her. He lies down next to her and holds her hand. Daryl enters in the morning with food to find Henry. She assures Daryl that her mom isn’t coming for her, and that when somebody dies the group moves on. She says they don’t come in contact with big groups unless they have to.

She finally admits that her mother has told her lies. It wasn’t her dad that got bitten by the walker that night. It was another man. It was also her mom that wanted to leave, and her mom was the one who used her knife to kill her father. Daryl realizes that the truth is coming out. Henry tells Daryl he’s glad he and his mom are friends.

Magna and Yumiko get back to Hilltop in the morning, and Tara asks what they found. Yumiko admits it was wrong to leave. She sees over the gate that Tara’s guards have already gone out to get Connie and Kelly back. She tells her Yumiko to challenge her again. She looks through the binoculars again and sees a large group of walkers. It’s Lydia’s mom and the whisperers. They march up to the gate.

“I am Alpha. All I need from you if my daughter.”

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC at 9 PM ET.

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