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The Walking Dead: Negan & Alpha, Watch The Most Insane Scene In Years

This past Sunday’s The Walking Dead captured one of the most iconic scenes from the comic book and brought it to the screen.  Fans were stunned to view Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) kill Alpha (Samantha Morton).  Now, AMC and Skybound have released the most insane scene in years for you to watch all over again.

What will happen now that Alpha is dead? Next week’s episode turns our sights back to Michonne (Danai Gurira) as she ventures off to try and find weapons to assist the survivors for the Whisperer War.  The looming question everyone is asking is: Will Michonne learn that Rick is alive?  We’ll have to wait to find out!

Returning to Alpha’s demise, we learn that this is the result of Carol (Melissa McBride) uncaging Negan to seek out Alpha and kill her.  Negan was ultimately successful, as the episode revealed.  That now leaves Beta (Ryan Hurst) as the leader of the Whisperes. But does Beta have what it takes?

We know that Beta certainly has the drive and physical capabilities to wipe out our Survivors, but does he have the ingenuity to do so.  Alpha was always the brains of the group and continued to be successful up until Negan fooled her.

There are a lot of questions remaining but only four more episodes left of The Walking Dead to answer them this season.

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