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The Walking Dead: Michael James Shaw Discusses Season 11!!

The Walking Dead is gearing up for an absolutely insane season 11, which is the final season of the hit Zombie show. Michael James Shaw is joining the series as Mercer, a member of The Commonwealth. Now, Shaw discusses season 11 of The Walking Dead ahead of the debut this August.

He’s speaking out following the reveal of Laila Robbins as as Pamela Milton. Milton is the Governor of the new community to be introduced, the Commonwealth. We’ll be dealing with them heavily during the final season of The Walking Dead. In season 10 we saw soldiers of the Commonwealth capture Eugene, Ezekiel and Princess.

The following quotes took place during the virtual San Diego Comic Con event that happened over the weekend of the 23-25 of July. We found the quotes over on, and want to thank them!

Shaw discussed joining the final season of The Walking Dead, where he said it “has been a joy, especially coming off of last year. This was a silver lining at the end of the tunnel. An awkward kid who loved to read comic books getting to step into the shoes of a really awesome comic book character is just a dream.”

We know very little about Mercer heading in season 11, just that he is important in the comic books. Comic fans will undoubtedly be looking forward to certain specific story lines involving him. Though, many of the other characters needed for the story line are missing, we are sure AMC will make it work.

Shaw went on to discuss how it feels playing a character who is so important to the upcoming plot, “I was about to shit a brick. It was daunting, you know, stepping into this huge machine. But there was a lot of love from the cast and crew, and they welcomed me with open arms. It was great to step into a family. It’s a beautiful thing.”

We look forward to seeing Shaw on The Walking Dead when it returns for its final season on AMC.  Did you enjoy that Michael James Shaw discusses season 11 before it airs next month?

The season premiere of The Walking Dead season 11 is on August 22, or on August 15 if you have AMC+!


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