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The Ultimate ‘Batman V. Superman’ Cut Is 181 Minutes

It was already announced that Batman V. Superman was going to be somewhere around the three hours. Lets go more into specifics, we will have 181 minutes (or 3 hours and 1 minute) of movie to watch at home. Or if they do the theatrical release like it has been rumored.

A Swedish retailer, called CDON, has put in a description of the Dawn of Justice Blu-ray Ultimate Edition. Even better news is that there in the list, is also a bonus feature that is 120 minutes long! This is already a full marathon, with one Blu-ray box only. Even though they are going to talk a lot about the behind the scenes, I also think that a big part is for deleted scenes of the original 4-hour movie.

Here is the description for the Blu-ray:
Disc 1: Theatrical version (Includes 120 min with bonus features)
Disc 2: Extended version (181 min R-rated)

I am so excited for having it at home! I even hope for that theatrical release for this. What do you think about the Blu-ray edition? Are you going to buy it? Tell us!


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