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The ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Team Says ‘Infinity War’ Will Shape the Sequel

Kevin Feige went on to say that what he wants isn’t exactly to make a high school film, but he wants to continue to let Spider-Man, as Peter Parker, hold on to what makes him Peter Parker.
One of my favorite movies is Back to the Future. I don’t think of that as a high school movie. I think of it as a great adventure movie, which is what Spider-Man: Homecoming is, but at the same time, having a Peter Parker, who is so different from our other heroes, that’s what Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created him to be in the early 60s, was an unbelievable counterpoint to all these other heroes. We want to maintain that and I don’t think we will be jumping ahead too much.’
While all of that does sound fantastic, and we’re excited to see it play out even if it means losing a few of our MCU favorites in the process. Plus, the impact that will have on a spider-Man in the future will be cool to see. 

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