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The Scream Television Series Returns For Season Two May 30th

In 1996 Scream, the film, debuted and started a slasher film obsession! There were a series of movies, 4 total, that captured young adults and expanded into a subculture of scream masks, knives filled with fake blood, and perfectly planned pranks at high school parties that resembled scenes from the movie – just with more alcohol and way less actual gore.

The Scream films follow the story of Sidney Prescott, who while dealing with the anniversary of her mother’s death, becomes the target of a ghost face killer. During each film you watch Sidney find discover secrets about herself and her close friends and family – from betrayal and secrets to dark desires and murder – Sidney kept finding herself up against a series of circumstances that would test her strength and courage. The thing that transformed this particular slasher series? Young people could relate to it! This made one movie turn into four and also, in 2015, Scream became a television series on MTV.

The films being transformed into a television series allowed room for an eerie and dark undertone to accompany the storyline. A movie only has a set time frame to get it right, but a television show can go deeper into characters and their stories over a series of episodes – this really helped to bring scream to life and give it a greater depth of both protagonists and antagonists.

The Scream Television Series Returns For Season Two May 30th

Another incredible facet of the television series is that it brought Scream into a present day, media driven existence for young adults. Most young people have their phones, a tablet, or laptop in their hands 80% of the day and are constantly interacting with one another via texting and social media. The beginning of Scream the television series starts with a cyberbullying incident that goes viral and from there, a group of teens is targeted in a series of brutal attacks both physically and mentally.

The television show got positive reviews and lucky for fans, its second season is premiering on May 30th and follows the return of Emma Duvall – the television series’ “Sidney Prescott” – on her journey back from recovery due to the traumatic events that absorbed her
in season one. Unfortunately, Emma’s sense of recovery won’t last long as the killer prepares to strike again and bring down “Lakewood’s heroes”.


If you’re a fan of the films and haven’t watched the series yet, do so, and before May 30th. Season two promises just as much suspense, emotion, and fright as season one – and with a more amped up story line.

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