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‘The Punisher’ Twitter Account Sends Morse Code Messages to Fans

Fans of The Punisher have been pulling all the stops for the last hour trying to decode a series of tweets sent out by the official Twitter account of the upcoming Netflix series.

The tweets, sent in Morse code seem to give clues as to what fans should expect upon the series premiere. The first simply said ‘3 am’. The next, ‘two dead men’. Another said ‘Kandahar’. In total, 13 messages were sent out with the final Morse code message reading MEMENTO MORI. Dedicated Twitter fans uncovered all of the messages and are convinced the tweets are actually the titles of all 13 episodes.

This seems entirely plausible and, with the definition of MEMENTO MORI reading as ‘a reminder of mortality; especially deaths head’ well, we’re convinced they’re episode titled as well, and very fitting ones.

If that wasn’t enough, moments ago a video was posted to the twitter telling fans to ‘fall in’.

The video seems to tease the date as well which some fans believe will be November, we didn’t see well enough to make up our own minds but we are more than ready for the series to debut. One fan even typed in caps demanding a date and receiving a very Frank Castle reply.

The Punisher calls the shots, so we’ll learn the premiere date when we’re meant to. In the mean time, we’ll be enjoying those of you demanding answers from the account and seeing the replies you receive.

Are you as excited as we are for the series to premiere? Let us know.