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‘The Flash Season 3’: New Trailer Released!

The Flash season 2 left us hanging with our mouths open. Now, we have a brand new trailer that we can show you. Take a look!

So what we know from the end of season 2 (SPOILER ALERT: if you haven’t seen it, you will not want to read it): we know that Barry went back in time and erased everything that has happened. Including his dad’s death, his mother’s death and all the adventures he had with his own team and team Arrow.

It seems now, with this trailer, that Barry is regretting the decision he made. He even tries explaining to, a very rich, Cisco who doesn’t remember Barry. So this means he never met the people in his life! Is that all worth it to safe 2 people and exchange them for the group you grew up with?

We will all know when season 3 of The Flash will premiere on October 4 on The CW!


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