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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Seeing Red’

The Flash Recap ‘Seeing Red’

Cicada is on the warpath, killing more metas in the past few days than he has killed since he started. With Cecile’s help, Barry realizes that Cicada is going down a list of metahumans that was created by CCPD. They confront Singh with this news, he, of course, doesn’t believe that someone on the inside would leak that information. Somehow, it did get into Cicada’s hands though, and Cecile is determined to find out who did it. Barry, Nora, Killer Frost, and Ralph intercept Cicada as he goes for his latest victim, but things end badly. Cicada catches Nora and breaks her back. Then, because of the dampening of powers via his meta tech, Nora isn’t able to heal like she normally does. Nora can’t walk.

This pushes Barry over the edge and he starts to lose a bit of himself as he makes his next plan. Team Flash will evacuate the remaining metas on the list, putting them into protective custody. Unfortunately, the leak at CCPD, one Officer Jones, tells Cicada that they know the list is being used and are moving the metas. Cicada attacks the extraction point. Barry tells everyone else to leave while he and Killer Frost hold Cicada off. Killer Frost gets rid of the dagger, giving Barry back his speed. Barry then attacks Cicada, putting more electricity into his punches than Barry himself can handle. At the lab, Nora has regained her abilities and watches on the monitors with Iris as Barry’s readings go off the charts. His anger isn’t going to let him stop. Nora runs to his side. Seeing his daughter well again brings Barry back, but this also allows Cicada to escape. The metahumans make their escape thanks to Ralph and are safe. Since Cicada got away, however, Team Flash is still in danger. Cicada will do whatever he can to defeat those that remain, and Nora might just be his next target.

'The Flash' Recap 'Seeing Red'
The Flash/The CW

While all of this is going on, Caitlin and Killer Frost are at odds with each other over the metahuman cure. Caitlin wants to honor her promise to Cisco and help him create it, but Killer Frost keeps interfering by not properly writing the formulas or destroying their work board all together. Ralph knows that the two sides are feuding and offers his opinions to Killer Frost. She doesn’t want Caitlin to create a cure because she doesn’t know if one day Caitlin will wake up and decide to get rid of Killer Frost. Ralph tells her that when DeVoe shut her away, all Caitlin was worried about was getting her back. He doubts that Caitlin would just get rid of her again. After that, Killer Frost decides to cooperate. She writes all the formulas for Caitlin and presents her with a blood sample from a recently created metahuman, aka Cicada’s blood. Caitlin thanks her counterpart for helping.

Sherloque continues his investigation into Nora. He confronts her while she is healing, asking about visiting the Flash Museum. Sherloque even goes so far as to ask Nora to take him to the future. Iris overhears this conversation and pulls him away from her daughter. She is not happy that Sherloque is acting like this toward Nora and semi-threatens him to stop whatever he is doing and find some other path to follow. Sherloque kinda takes her advice and reexamines Nora’s notebook. He finds out that there are actually two sets of handwriting within the book. Sherloque concludes that there is a mastermind behind everything. So what does this all mean? Barry started drawing all of the symbols after his time trapped in the Speed Force. Does this mean that Nora and Thawne/Wells spend an extended period of time in the Speed Force as well? Did Nora, not really realizing how her powers work, get stuck there and meet her mentor who was also trapped? Did she go into the Speed Force to find her father, but instead find Thawne? So many questions, but I don’t think we’re going to get a lot of answers until the team finished up with Cicada.

'The Flash' Recap 'Seeing Red'
The Flash/The CW

Which, Barry has a new idea on how to stop Cicada. Instead of taking the fight to the metahuman, they should take the fight to his daughter. If they can cure Grace, then maybe Cicada will find it in his heart to give up the meta-hunt. With Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco attacking the problem, I think they will be able to figure out what’s wrong and wake up Cicada’s daughter.

Next episode is entitled ‘Memorabilia.’