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‘The Flash’ and ‘Supergirl’ Musical Crossover Coming Your Way

Published on August 12th, 2016 | Updated on August 12th, 2016 | By FanFest

The CW is in the process of creating a musical. That’s right folks. Musical. It will take the form of a crossover of two of our superhero favs. The Flash and Supergirl will be showcasing some other perhaps hidden talents in the second half of their seasons. The musical of sorts will be broken up into two episodes.

The musical announcement was made at The CW Television Critics Association summer press presentation on Thursday. Executive producers were present to discuss the future of the four CW superhero shows, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow and Supergirl.

Interestingly enough, the musical talents are actually not so hidden. Many of the cast members of these shows do have musical background. Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist were both on Glee, and many of the cast members had had gigs on Broadway.

“When they’re not acting or flying or punching or exploding things, they’re singing,” Producer Ali Adler said.

The producers also said that they will use songs that already exist in the musical extravaganza but hope to also write at least one original ditty.

“We’ve got such talented actors, 15 years from now when the last of these shows is going off the air, that would be a big regret [if we didn’t do it] – it’s too much fun not to,” Producer Sarah Schechter noted.

This arc will be in addition to the annual four-series crossover that is also currently in production.

Musical superheroes are not necessarily a new trend, there is actually a musical called It’s a Bird. . .It’s a Plane. . .  It’s Superman that hit broadway in 1975. It starred Superman singing his heart out. Cape and all!

Musical Superheroes sounds like it could be really awesome, are you a musical fan and excited for this to be a thing?

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