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The Cast of ‘Justice League’ Would Be Pumped for a Smackdown Against the Avengers

Published on December 12th, 2017 | Updated on December 12th, 2017 | By FanFest

Every superhero fan has been asked the question at some point in their lives – Are you team DC or team Marvel?  Fans are pretty adamant about where their allegiances lie but what do the actors playing these superhero teams think about the friendly rivalry?

Over the weekend, the cast of Justice League answered that question during a panel held in Long Island, New York.  Cast members in attendance included Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Henry Cavill (Superman), Ray Fisher (Cyborg) and Jason Momoa (Aquaman).  During the panel, the cast was asked how the felt about a possible Justice League vs. the Avengers smackdown and, well, the Justice League seems more than willing to take on that challenge.

Momoa was the first to enthusiastically weigh in.  He said:

“Aw, yeah man!  Hell yeah!  I absolutely want to get thrown around by the Hulk. And then I want to take his ass out the ocean and drown him. ‘Not so tough now, are ya, punk?’ And then we’ll be friends.  We’re all very much friends with those other actors from [Chris] Hemsworth to Robert Downey, I mean all of them, and so it’s just fun. I mean we’re superheroes. We’re having an awesome time playing great characters.”


Photo: Denise Caputo/Fan Fest News

Fisher would also be down for the challenge.  He was pumped about the idea and confidently feels that team DC might have a little bit of an advantage.  He said:

“Smackdown? Yeah!  I mean if there was a fight between the two groups, I’m fairly certain Superman and Wonder Woman would probably take maybe 90 percent of them out.  We [Cyborg and Aquaman] would be cheerleading on the side. Cyborg would play the foghorn.  I mean, we all talk about it. Its the same argument about who’s faster, Superman or the Flash, you know?  There’s any given circumstance where either team would be able to win. But its fun to just have that kind of fantasy.”

In true Wonder Woman fashion, Gadot took a peaceful approach to answering the question.  She feels there’s room for both DC and Marvel in the world and thinks, “the more, the merrier,” when it comes to superheroes.  She said:

“For sure, I would love that.  I think, the more the merrier. All of these characters are great.  We’re not enemies. There’s DC and there’s Marvel and they’re all great and we can do DC-Marvel, starting with DC, and then everything would be super-awesome.”

Cavill left the decision up to the crowd asking for attendees to make noise for which team they think would win.  Given that the panel was centered around Justice League, you can guess who got the popular vote.


Photo: Denise Caputo/Fan Fest News

Who do you think would win in a Justice League vs. the Avengers smackdown event?  Weigh in with your thoughts in the comment section below!



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