Tell Us What You Think About Henry Cavill’s CGI Removed Mustache in ‘Justice League’

If you’ll recall back in July, Henry Cavill caused quite a bit of a stir at Warner Bros. when he went in for his Justice League reshoots with a mustache.


Cavill had been currently in the midst of shooting Mission Impossible 6 and was told by Paramount that he would not be allowed to shave his mustache for Justice League, which resulted in them having to digitally alter it out, costing the studio approximately $25 million.

Well, this past weekend Justice League finally hit theaters and moviegoers were able to see just what the final product of stache-gate was. While we wait for Thanksgiving, feast your eyes on the one proven thing that could possibly ruin Henry Cavill’s beautiful face – CGI removed facial hair:

Of course, many fans noticed the difference including Fan Fest’s CJ Creech who said:

 Superman’s reshoots involve a lot of moving and talking, which can be a  computer tracking nightmare. This was the case in Justice League, as we start the film off with some of the Superman re-shoot footage as the first thing we see, and as he’s talking to his cell phone interviewer, the movement of his mouth and face just seems off. It doesn’t quite take you out of the movie, but if you’re like me, then you probably let out a collective ‘ugh’ each time reshoot Superman popped up throughout the film. 

Naturally, we took to Twitter to find some of the inevitable memes and jokes sure to be circulating around.

Truthfully, leaving the beard was probably the best option.

What did you think of the CGI removed mustache?


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