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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap “The Solo Oscillation”

Published on January 12th, 2018 | Updated on January 12th, 2018 | By FanFest

Raj has amazing news! The newspaper reviewed his Planetarium show and he’s very proud of the glowing review. Everyone expresses their triumphs but surprisingly, Sheldon has nothing to add. Even Penny managed to succeed in making a newspaper boat (it’s also a hat)!

Sheldon is visibly upset that he isn’t working on anything. So he kicks Amy out to brainstorm. He wants to keep distractions to a minimum so he gathered snacks when his mother calls. He can’t seem to get her off the phone.


Raj and Howard are having band practice so they can work on their next hit single. They have to keep it down because Halley is napping- nope not anymore. It seems like fatherhood is really taking its toll on his rocking out. Bernadette wants Howard to help her with the new baby, so he can’t be in the band anymore. Raj then decides to rock out with Bert, who is really good!

Amy is staying with Leonard and Penny while Sheldon works, and they are having bundles of fun together. Well, Penny isn’t but Leonard and Amy are having a blast reminiscing about winning spelling bees and science fairs.


To take a break from all that fun, Penny ends up crashing Sheldon’s work session. Sheldon confides in Penny that nothing in physics is exciting him. He left string theory to work on dark matter and he decides to bounce ideas off of her. She ends up giving him some very valuable insight into his research.

“So it’s your rebound science?” -Penny

Bernie regrets making Howard quit the band, he has started working on an astronaut musical, so she lets him go back. The duo is now a trio and they booked a gig at a Barmitzvah.


This episode might be one of my favorites. We rarely see Sheldon at a loss for answers and we never see Penny have them. Plus the look on Leonard’s face when she nonchalantly mentions sheets is priceless. It was also nice to see Amy bonding with Leonard, they haven’t had that deep of an interaction yet, although I do wish they got to discuss married life more. Leonard giving her the advice she needed, I feel, made her more of a relatable bride-to-be. She has yet to freak out about the planning and she almost never asks for advice. It was nice to see her show her vulnerable side. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the wedding planning process goes.

Next week Beth Behrs and Walton Goggins are joining us!


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