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Batwoman: The Batmobile Has Been Located

Published on January 17th, 2021 | Updated on January 17th, 2021 | By FanFest

Batwoman is back, folks! It feels like it has been an eternity since we had any superhero shows to watch. Gotham feels a little different thanks to the new person wearing the mask, but that doesn’t mean bad. Javicia Leslie did an awesome job as Ryan Wilder in the Batwoman premiere. She’s energetic, fun, and an incredible martial artist. Also, in the future, it looks like she’ll have access to the Batmobile,. The Batmobile has been located in the Arrowverse! During the premiere, certain events lead to the vehicle being discovered. I really, really, really hope that Ryan drives it at some point during her tenure as Batwoman.

Excuse me while I find a way to discuss the Batmobile without discussing too much else that happened in the episode. There were never any hints through the episode that the Batmobile would be in the episode. In fact, I’m one of the people who missed the news when we saw set photos of it earlier in 2020. That’s why while watching this episode I had no idea it was coming. When a character came down and began posing the question of where Bruce had hidden something I still had no clue. I had many theories, which revolved around more kryptonite. Looking back on that, however, that never made much sense. When that wall blew away and revealed the Batmobile I lost my damn mind.

I have to say, this might be my favorite live action Batmobile ever. The orange actually makes it look really dope. It’s sleek and obviously built for speed, and I like it way more than the more tanky variations. I definitely feel like DC has shifted towards the more tanky Batmobiles like the tumbler in recent years. Hopefully, it won’t take too long for Ryan to hop in and give it a test drive of her own.

Let us know what you all think about the new Batmobile in the comments below! Let’s all be glad together that the Batmobile has been located!

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