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‘Teen Wolf’ Series Finale Recap ‘The Wolves of War’

Teen Wolf Series Finale Recap ‘The Wolves of War’

Team Wolf is in trouble. They’ve fallen right into Gerard’s trap and find themselves scattered and surrounded at the start of the episode. Tamora’s gang opens fire on Scott, Malia, Lydia, Deucalion, and Peter. But then a certain Jeep comes out of nowhere, taking out a couple of the Hunters. Enter Stiles and Derek (hooray!). Unfortunatly, Deucalion isn’t so lucky, and dies.

'Teen Wolf' Series Finale Recap 'The Wolves of War'
Image: MTV

Scott fills Stiles and Derek in on what’s been happening in Beacon Hills. Gerard makes a call to Scott, telling him that he has everybody in his pack just where he wants them. He doesn’t want it to be a secret where they are. Now Scott has to make the decision on where to go first. But Scott, with help from the others, determines that they have to take out the Anuk Ite. With the added fear gone, most of the Hunters will back down.

Scott and Malia head to the school while Lydia and Stiles go after Jackson. Their reunion with him is just about perfect. Stiles is hilarious as there is an overly long hug between Lydia and Jackson. But then Jackson says that they need to get Ethan and Stiles isn’t so worried about the competition anymore. They find Ethan, then head to the school. But first, Scott has Stiles grab something from Gerard’s armory.

At the hospital, Liam is trapped in a room with three werewolves hooked up to wolfsbane IV drips. But one of them isn’t actually a werewolf. He pulls his gun on Liam, but isn’t fast enough. Liam runs down the hall and is almost shot down when Theo comes to the rescue. They get upstairs, but there are more Hunters stalking the hall. The next person to come to their rescue is Melissa, taking out the enemy with a taser (Go Mama McCall!).

At Eichon House, Noah goes after Parrish. He beats up three of his own deputies before telling them to release the Hellhound.

Chris heads off to meet his dear old dad, and we get a nice family reunion. Kate is searching for the wolfsbane that she delivered to Gerard, but apparently, he used some of it to create his own bullet and shoots Kate. She’s dying as Chris walks in. Gerard says that it’s all over; everything is worked out just as he had planned. He tells them that this has all been Scott’s fault, but Chris tells him no. Gerard was just too caught up in himself to pay attention to the family that was right in front of him. Chris walks away, leaving Gerard’s life in Kate’s hands. And she is not happy. Goodbye, Gerard.

At the high school, Scott and Malia find the stone body of Peter. They separate, trying to locate the Anuk Ite, telling themselves that they can resist the urge to open their eyes if they come across it. Malia isn’t so lucky, and Lydia comes upon her stone body when she gets to the school. Jackson and Ethan meet the same fate. Derek is in the hall when he is greeted by a familiar voice. It’s Jennifer, the big, bad teacher from Season 3. She tells Derek to turn around and look at her. The Anuk Ite gets its wish and Derek is turned to stone.

In the library, Scott is visited by the villains of seasons past as the Anuk Ite tries to get him to open his eyes. It even goes so far as to mention Allison, saying that Scott has failed her. They get into a fight, Scott keeping his eyes closed. He then tells the Anuk Ite that he knows how to defeat him (Stiles to show up). To make sure that he doesn’t fall prey to the Anuk Ite, Scott tears his eyes out. Effective, but seriously painful. This gives Stiles enough time to arrive and throw a whole load of mountain ash at the faceless. Because the Anuk Ite chose to bond with a shape-shifter, it has the same weaknesses. The mountain ash dispels the demon.

And with that, everyone who was turned to stone returns to normal. And just in time too, as the Hunters were about to kill them.

Across Beacon Hills, the Hunters are surrendering. Noah, Parrish, and Rafael show up at the hospital to disarm the Hunters there, but unfortunately, they didn’t get there in time to save Gabe. He is suffering pretty badly from multiple gunshot wounds. Theo goes to him and takes away his pain, giving him a peaceful death.

It looks like everything is going to be okay… Except for the fact that Tamora got away.

Scott is having trouble repairing his eyes, and Derek warns that if he doesn’t do it soon, he will be permanently blind. Scott says that he can’t focus, so Lydia tells Malia to kiss him (like how she helped calm Stiles during a panic attack). She does so and Scott is able to focus in on the healing.

Things go back to normal around Beacon Hills. More people know about the supernatural now, but they are accepting of those that are different.

Some time later, Scott and Chris come to the rescue of a young werewolf name Alec who is running from Tamora’s Hunters. Scott tells his story to Alec and asks if he wants to join the fight. He introduces him to the members of his pack, saying there’s a place for him if he wants it. Around the world, Scott’s friends are on the look-out for more supernatural to join the fight against Tamora. Alec agrees to follow them.

Overall, the series finale of Teen Wolf was a good one. There was a lot of callback to past seasons, which was a nice touch. We got to see some of our favorites back again and reunited with their friends. One of the reasons that I fell in love with this series is because of the characters, and each of them showed why I cared for them so much in the final hour. Derek is the tough guy, but he does love Scott. He came back to Beacon Hills because of him. Stiles is the goofball that stole our hearts from the very first time he appeared and has been greatly missed since the beginning of the season. Lydia, who became my favorite character, and probably had the best character development as she went from being prissy to being a total badass.

And then there’s Scott, who is haunted by the failure he thinks he has been to his friends. That’s where his fear comes from, which the Anuk Ite even comments on. In the end, Scott manages to save the day without bloodshed (well, blood that isn’t his own). They banish the spirit of the Anuk Ite and he doesn’t kill Gerard or Tamora. Sure, it may cause more problems, but he will always look for the best way to handle the situation, find that third option.

Also, shout-out to Coach for having two of the best moments of the season. One, saving Liam from the other lacrosse players, and two, beating the crap out of the Hunters that are trying to hurt Jackson. Never one of my favorites, but he really started to shine these past ten episodes.

We’ve seen a lot of growth over the past six years and I think as a whole, it really succeeded as a series. Teen Wolf will be greatly missed. I know I felt a little tug of emotion as the opening credits played for the last time.

Farewell, Teen Wolf. It’s been really great.

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