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‘Teen Wolf’ Preview ‘Genotype’ and ‘Broken Glass’

Teen Wolf Preview ‘Genotype’ and ‘Broken Glass’

Teen Wolf is delivering another two-parter this Sunday as Scott and company search for the other face of the Anuk Ite. Aaron, one part of the two-faced, is also on the hunt, and may just find the werewolf that is his other half first.

Meanwhile, Lydia is trying to bring Halwyn back to life because she believes that the Hellhound might be the only one who knows how to stop the Anuk Ite. At first we didn’t think Hellhounds could be killed, but were proved wrong a couple of seasons ago. We might be proved wrong yet again as they try to use an MRI machine to bring Halwyn back.

The final showdown is about to begin. There are only three episodes until the series finale.