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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Thanks Fans for Baby Gal Morgan’s Well Wishes

Jeffrey Dean Morgan may be a bat-wielding nightmare as Negan on The Walking Dead, but in his day to day life, he's got the softest heart. From his family to his fans - he never misses an opportunity to show the people in his life that he appreciates them. That being said, fans knew something was going on when he canceled an appearance this year, right around the time everyone anticipated the birth of his daughter. Things have been pretty quiet on the Morgan family front, but that's to be...

Sophia Bush’s Halloween Shout Out to Hilarie Burton is Everything

Some of the best Halloween costumes are those that pay homage to integral parts of pop culture, and they don't always have to be completely spooky. Sometimes, you and your best friend can get together and take on one of the best friendships to ever hit television. So when Sophia Bush gave a shout out to her on-screen (and off) bestie, she also included photos of fans around the world who dressed up as Brooke and Peyton for Halloween. We think it's one of the top costumes ourselves, so we're...

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Speaks up About Ben Affleck’s Apology to Wife Hilarie Burton

When the stories of sexual harassment at the hands of Harvey Weinstein began to break just over a week ago, it opened the floor for important conversation. Sexual assault has been a topic that existed just under the surface in Hollywood and now the surface has been broken. There's no more hiding behind the guise of it being 'part of the road to the top' and no more excuse for the sense of entitlement that leads to that behavior. It's not just Weinstein that's involved either, women are coming forward...
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