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You Can Order Secret ‘Harry Potter’ Butterbeer Drinks from Starbucks!

Forget about that unicorn frappuccino!  You can now order something truly magical and delicious from Starbucks and, just to make these drinks even cooler, they are Harry Potter-themed! One sip of these delicious concoctions will whisp you away to the streets of Hogsmeade and right through the doors of the Three Broomsticks or Hog's Head Tavern.  The best thing about these drinks is, you can order them by simply adding some extra ingredients to already existing menu items at Starbucks. The first drink is being called the Butterbeer Latte and it's...

‘Harry Potter’ Fans Will Soon Be Able to Buy Butterbeer Donuts

Every once in a while, a new food concoction comes along that just sounds like the most perfect and delicious treat in the entire world and this brand new donut flavor is no exception!  Imagine, if you will, just how deliciously satisfying a Harry Potter inspired butterbeer donut would taste.  Can you picture it?  If you're having some difficulties, no need to worry because you can actually try a butterbeer flavored donut thanks to one bakery food chain on the East coast. Sugar Shack Donuts has several locations throughout Virginia, Florida and...