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EXCLUSIVE: Fan Fest Take Transformers: The Last Knight Global Premiere In London

The cast of Transformers conquered the heatwave on Sunday (18th June) in London and glamorously walked the blue carpet for the global premiere of Transformers: The Last Knight held at Leicester Square gardens. Hollywood stud, Mark Wahlberg led the red carpet in celebration of the upcoming instalment in the Transformers franchise looking smart in a blue suit and blacked-out sunglasses. The 46-year-old actor, who plays Cade Yeager in the film, confirmed that The Last Knight will be his last appearance in the fan-favourite films. “Exhilarating and well we’ll say a...

Patrick Hoelck hosts Norman Reedus on #AnInterview

If you're not aware of who Patrick Hoelck is, you can search the hashtag #AnInterview on Twitter and take a look through his own timeline to see some of his photography and other work, or you could watch one of his segments.  As he talks to his guests and photographs them through the day they spend together, you find out about both who he's hosting, and himself. #AnInterview promises to be series of interviews unlike many others. The intro to his video says "My show is like a biography in...