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EXCLUSIVE: Fan Fest Take Transformers: The Last Knight Global Premiere In London

Published on June 19th, 2017 | Updated on February 13th, 2018 | By FanFest

The cast of Transformers conquered the heatwave on Sunday (18th June) in London and glamorously walked the blue carpet for the global premiere of Transformers: The Last Knight held at Leicester Square gardens.

Hollywood stud, Mark Wahlberg led the red carpet in celebration of the upcoming instalment in the Transformers franchise looking smart in a blue suit and blacked-out sunglasses. The 46-year-old actor, who plays Cade Yeager in the film, confirmed that The Last Knight will be his last appearance in the fan-favourite films.

“Exhilarating and well we’ll say a couple of explanation marks to fill in the last words,” Wahlberg said when I asked him to describe The Last Knight in three words.

Expanding on my question, he adds: “what it is, I mean Michael [Bay] continues to outdo himself, so to see him make it bigger and better and to continue to give audiences more and make it a whole new story and a new journey and adventure is pretty special. It’s not an easy thing to do.”

Mark Wahlberg attending the global premiere of Transformers: The Last Knight in London.

Also in attendance were Laura Haddock, Josh Duhamel, Jerrod Carmichael, Stanley Tucci and director Michael Bay. Bay confirmed during a live interview with presenter Alex Zane on the main stage that this film will see his departure as director following this year marking the 10th anniversary of the first Transformers film.

Screenwriters Art Marcum, Matt Holloway and Ken Nolan seem pretty certain that despite Bay’s directorial departure he will still remain a firm part of the franchise.

“I don’t think he will fully step away from the franchise,” Marcum told one reporter. “His stamp will be on this [future films] for sure. I mean why would you want to deviate from something that works so well?”

“It’ll be tough to imitate but he will always know that his thumbprint is on this franchise.”

A newcomer to the world of auto-robotics is Isabela Moner, who plays Izabella in the film. The young actress stunned at Leicester Square in a detailed grey gown as she embraced the heat.

When I caught up with Moner, she enthusiastically said: “I’m happy to be here. It’s overwhelming and it’s hot and it’s sweaty but it’s full of adrenaline and joy.”

Check out my snap-shots from the premiere:

Transformers: The Last Knight hits cinemas June 21st.

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