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Taco Tuesday: Mas Tacos in Nashville

It’s Taco Tuesday and we are continuing our quest to cover all of the greatest taco joints in the world.  We continue in our own backyard with Mas Tacos in Nashville!

Mas Tacos Por Favor is a Mexican joint that has been located in East Nashville for over a decade.

Here’s what Nashville Scene recently had to say about them:

“For carnivores like myself, that included the vegetarian quinoa tacos. Until last week, I had no clue I was missing out on one of the most satisfying, umami-packed items on the menu. Quinoa and sweet potato are folded into fresh, warm tortillas and topped with sour cream, shaved cabbage and tomatillo salsa. The tacos are earthy, crunchy and rich, with a refreshing zing from the salsa. They make a perfect balance for the pulled pork tacos, which you really should revisit if you haven’t in a while. Succulent braised pork, piquant tomatillo, crisp cabbage and onion, spicy yogurt — tantalizing and timeless.”

“To wash it all down, you have options. Check their Instagram to find out about the agua fresca, margarita and sangria of the day. One day it might be pineapple agua fresca and a piña margarita; the next it could be hibiscus sangria and watermelon agua fresca. What’s guaranteed is that it’s all good. For the non-alcoholically inclined, Mas Tacos is also good for your iced coffee fix, and they can whip up virgin margaritas. Tip: Ask them to pack your drinks without ice so you can stash a couple in your fridge for later.”

“Finally, specials. Mas is still turning out hand-rolled tamales on Wednesday and pickled-cactus-and-chorizo tacos on Thursdays, so don’t sleep on the dailies. They’re also throwing in some new, truly obscene things like Sonoran dogs: all-beef, bacon-wrapped, bean-smothered hot dogs topped with pico de gallo. If you’re looking to shuffle off this mortal coil fast, that’s the meal you want to do it with. And I know it’s been said 30,000 times, but get the tortilla soup. Yes, the pozole is amazing, and I dig it deeply, but we are in peak Chicken Soup End Times right now. You need this. And if you can get home without taking a swig of the perfect chicken broth out of the styrofoam cup, you are a better man than I.”

Check out all of the beautiful tacos below!

Source: Nashville Scene


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