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Superman & Lois: CW Teases Show & Renames ‘Arrowverse’ to ‘CWVerse’

The Arrowverse has come a long way since Oliver Queen first picked up a bow and now, with new seasons approaching, it has been renamed as The CWVerse.  To celebrate, a new teaser highlights the various shows and heroes. The trailer also provides a new look at Superman & Lois.

The upcoming series opens with Clark Kent being laid off from the Daily Planet, resulting in him and Lois temporarily relocating to Smallville where they’ll look after their twin teenage sons Jonathan and Jordan Kent.  The show will explore their lives post-Crisis.

“The CWverse” is the name the network prefers we all use for its vast lineup of DC series. The designation obviously applies to the network’s January-scheduled relaunch of shows, in this case Black Lightning, The Flash, (a recently-recast) Batwoman and freshman spinoff Superman & Lois. 

Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and Stargirl won’t be back right away.

The CW’s tag line, “From one hero, an entire universe was born,” still gives a nod to Arrow, but indicates that everything has grown.

Check out the trailer below! Let us know your thoughts!

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