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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘The Faithful’

Published on October 31st, 2017 | Updated on October 31st, 2017 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘The Faithful’

Welcome to the Church of Supergirl.

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While at a soccer game, a woman approached Sam, telling her that Ruby is special and handing her a flyer for a group meeting. At a girl’s night, Sam shows the pamphlet to Kara, who is intently intrigued because the symbol on the front is that of Rao, the Kryptonian god. Kara, James, and Winn join in on the meeting and learn that  every person there has been saved by Supergirl and believe her to be a god. The leader of the cult, Thomas Coville, was on-board the plane that Kara saved in the pilot episode. He was at a low point in his life and was saved by the grace of Supergirl. Everything gets worse as members of the cult start testing their faith. A boy sets a building on fire, believing that Supergirl will save him. When Kara asks Maggie to shut down the cult, Maggie says that Coville hasn’t technically done anything illegal. It’s freedom of speech.

Kara goes to Coville and pretends to interview him for CatCo, but he recognizes her as Supergirl at once. He says that he looked deep into Supergirl’s eyes the night she saved him, and would recognize them anywhere. He promises to keep her secret. Coville has another plan up his sleeve to gather more followers and it involves setting off a bomb in the basement of a hockey game. Kara shows up to stop him, but he has Kryptonite on him. The people ask Supergirl to save them, but the amount of Kryptonite is killing her. Kara cuts her hand, showing the people the blood, and telling them that she is no god. The people panic and leave, but Coville stays behind, saying that he is not mistaken in his faith. Alex shows up and disposes of the Kryptonite. Kara uses her heat vision to cut a hole to the center of the earth and they drop the bomb down there. Coville is arrested.

Kara visits Coville later, and he tells her that he doesn’t remember the name that she gave him. He also says that there is something different about her than when they first met. Like she is unsure of herself as a human. When he saw her as Supergirl, however, there was a confidence within her. That’s who she truly is.

Image: The CW

Sam had a stressful week as her new job as CEO of L Corp got in the way of her time with Ruby. She’s a single mom, and sometimes things happen, but she believes that she is a terrible mother. Lena offers some words of advice, since she has quite a lot of experience with terrible mothers. Now that the merger has been finalized, things should be a little less stressful for Sam. That is, until her skin suddenly becomes covered in lots of symbols. A hooded figure appears before her, telling her that she is destined for great things. One day she will reign. Ruby walks into the bathroom to find her mother alone and huddled on the floor.

The final scene of the episode goes back to when Kara disposed of the bomb. Remember the pod deep underwater during the season premiere? The explosion from the bomb caused some sort of reaction with that pod and it has come online. There are a bunch of sleeping chambers within the pod, and the camera pauses on one. A hand appears. Could this be another part of Fort Rozz? Or could this have something to do with the Kryptonians who sent Reign?

This week’s episode was incredibly interesting as it tackled faith. Kara’s words of “How do you fight someone’s belief?” is right. There’s not that much you can do. But Kara figured out a way to show them the truth when she cut her hand. We haven’t yet seen something like this in the Arrowverse and I thought it was well done. I wish we had maybe gotten a couple of episodes with the cult to slow the story down a bit, but I still really enjoyed the episode.

Looks like this is indeed the end of Alex and Maggie. The tension between them regarding having kids has come to its conclusion as Alex admits to Kara that she wants to be a mother. She loves Maggie, but knows Maggie will not budge on the issue. These feelings are hurting Alex, and Chyler Leigh delivered a fantastic performance during her monologue about wanting to have a child. It’s a legitimate reason to end a relationship, but it still feels a little bit out of left field. Alex and Maggie were always so good and honest with each other. There’s no way the child talk would happen this late in the game. It’s really unfortunate that that’s how they’re going to go out.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Damage.’

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