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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Legion of Superheroes’

Published on January 16th, 2018 | Updated on January 16th, 2018 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘Legion of Superheroes’

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Following her defeat at the hands of Reign, Kara is stuck in a coma, but not just any coma. Using DEO resources and a bit of future tech in order to deter the effects of brain damage, Kara is stuck inside of a “mind prison.” Luckily, she isn’t alone as Brainiac 5 is able to project himself into her mind. He explains the situation to her and says that the only way to get out is if she makes that decision. Unfortunately, the door is locked. They believe that her fear of losing to Reign again is what’s keeping her stuck in the coma.

Meanwhile, Reign is loose in National City and enacting her own brand of justice. She is cleaning the streets of crime, but unlike Kara, she doesn’t believe in mercy. The DEO tries to stop her using Kryptonite, but Reign is stronger than they realize. She is temporarily affected by the soil bomb thrown, but shakes it off. She breaks Alex’s leg before flying off. J’onn and Alex determine that the only way to subdue Reign is to inject the Kryptonite directly into her bloodstream, but the only one strong enough to do that is Kara.

The DEO asks Mon-El for his help, saying that the Legion might be their only option if Kara doesn’t wake up. Mon-El says that they can’t help them because it would risk the future if they were to die. He does tell them that Kara survives and that eventually, Reign leaves. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know how it all happens. Imra wants to help and manages to convince Mon-El that they have to take a stand against Reign. She says that it is the Legion’s job to protect those in danger. Mon-El gives in and they head off to confront Reign as she massacres inmates at a prison.

Inside the mind prison, Kara is cleaning up her apartment that was destroyed while she tried to blast down the door. Brainiac 5 asks why she is even bothering to do it because it is just a figment of her imagination anyway. Kara picks up a photo of her and a cat and is surprised to find it there. She tells Brainiac 5 the story of finding the cat and how when it purred, she felt accepted. While this is happening, the fight with Reign breaks out and Brainiac 5 is having a hard time keeping his two beings separate. Kara tells him that he needs to focus on the fight. Before he leaves, he relays a message to her from Alex, saying that the part that she loves most is Kara, not Supergirl. Kara finds her glasses in the apartment and puts them on. That’s when a key to the door appears.

Image: The CW

Kara wakes up and instantly heads off to help the Legion with Reign. She doesn’t care that Kryptonite is in use. Her appearance will catch Reign by surprise, giving her an opening to inject her with the serum. The battle at the prison isn’t going very well. Mon-El, Imra, and J’onn have all been subdued. But that’s when Kara flies in. Reign is surprised to see Supergirl, believing her dead. Kara finds an opening and gets the Kryptonite into her bloodstream. Reign manages to fly away.

They saved the prison, but are no closer to figuring out how to defeat Reign. Back at the DEO, Kara thanks Mon-El for the Legion’s help. He tells her that he still cares about her and she responds that she knows he does. Kara and Brainiac 5 then meet in person for the first time and she thanks him for helping guide her out of the mind prison.

Reign collapses at her fortress, trying to fight off the effects of the Kryptonite. She is joined by the hooded figure, who asks what happened. Reign says that Supergirl had help and that’s when she learns that there are others just like her. Looks like Reign is going to find a legion of her own.

This was a good start to the back half of the season and I am interested to see where we go with Reign recruiting more world killers. Supergirl and company are having enough trouble dealing with just her, and still don’t know how they’ll be able to defeat Reign. Nothing is working. But since the whole season has been about Kara embracing both her Kryptonian and human side, I know that that is probably going to be the answer. The motto “Stronger together” was thrown out by the hooded Kyrptonian, but she meant it in reference to Reign finding the other world killers. But this phrase is true of Kara. Both aspects of her life are what make her strong. It’s because of her human connection that she was able to come out of the coma.

James and Lena have decided to move forward with their relationship, but I know that they’re going to hit a major roadblock when Kara and James’ double life comes out. Lena spends the episode worried about Kara, who has been absent from work, and James is really bad at lying to her. He eventually decides upon telling her Kara has the flu and of course Lena is quick to go and make sure she’s okay. My favorite scene is when Lena is having a conversation with J’onn who is posing as Kara. Melissa Benoist did a great job of playing a really annoyed J’onn in Kara’s body. Also the line to Winn later about him having to have a conversation about how good of a kisser James is was hilarious.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Fort Rozz.’

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