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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘For Good’

Published on January 30th, 2018 | Updated on January 30th, 2018 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘For Good’

Kara is dreaming of the Worldkillers. At the DEO, Winn has been running searches on heat signatures that are similar to Kara’s, but they are only able to find two Kryptonians, Kara and Clark. They then determine that maybe the Worldkillers are genetically engineered super-humans, which would explain why Reign is immune to Kryptonite and didn’t lose her powers near the blue sun. Winn continues searching for the Worldkillers while Kara deals with a new/old problem.

Image: The CW

While out at breakfast, Lena and James run across Morgan Edge, who still loathes Lena. They have quite the argument before Edge gets in his car and leaves. Suddenly, his controls stop working and he is forced to flee the car. Edge arrives at CatCo all banged up and bloody to accuse Lena of sabotaging his car. She denies the claim, but this doesn’t stop Edge from hiring a hitman to poison her. Kara manages to get her to the DEO before the cyanide-infused coffee kills her. James, as Guardian, scares the truth out of Edge. Lena is hellbent on getting her revenge, and James and Kara attempt to talk her down. They say that the hitman was killed with a dissolving bullet so there’s no solid evidence against Edge.

Lena returns to L Corp where she comes across some old records from the Luthor Corp days in which they were working to develop a dissolving bullet. She traces it to the manufacturer and low and behold, Lillian has returned to National City. Lillian was the one who sabotaged Edge’s car, and tells Lena that she will not stop until Edge is dead. She won’t allow Lena to come to harm. As much as Lena wants that, she knows that she can’t kill Edge.

Lena confides in Kara about Lillian’s return, saying that she’s going to make another attempt during a gala Edge is throwing. She is going to get into that gala and stop it from happening. At the Gala, Lena tries to get Edge to confess to poisoning the children and herself, saying that if he does, she’ll call off her mother. A drone appears and opens fire on Edge. He finally makes his confession and Lena takes his badge, which the drone was using to track him, and throws it away. The drone fires and is done. Edge then turns on Lena with an ice pick, demanding the recorder with his confession on it back.

Lillian arrives on the scene, angry with Lena for getting in her way. That’s when Supergirl appears. The drone returns to the scene and Lillian gets an upgrade as the Lex’s exosuit attaches itself to her. Only problem is that now she’s got Kryptonite. Mon-El appears on the scene, and with a little help from Winn, they turn Lillian’s drones against her. While all the action is happening above, Guardian appears down below to stop Edge from hurting Lena and getting away with the recording. Edge is going to prison, still spouting threats at Lena, and Lillian is being taken to a hospital before also ending up in prison. Lena thanks Lillian for helping her remember who she really is and that she can be smart and cunning without being evil.

While all of this is going on, Sam and Alex are running tests to see what is wrong with Sam. The lab results show that there’s absolutely nothing wrong and that she is as fit as an Olympic athlete. Alex offers some advice, saying that Sam needs to be honest with her friends about what’s going on. She says that the only way she was able to move on after the break-up was because Kara was there. Sam and Alex  have a sit-down with Lena and Kara. They are both understanding of the situation and wish that she had told them sooner. Sam admits that she’s been terrified. Her worst nightmare would be losing Ruby. Lena and Kara say that they are family and will keep each other safe no matter what happens.

Back at the DEO, Winn has discovered a bunch of cases in which the subject displayed superhuman strength. He brings up the images of four women who were in accidents that should’ve killed them but miraculously survived. He believes that their two other Worldkillers are in this group. Kara looks at the images and recognizes Julie from her dream. Now they just have to get to her before Reign does.

Image: The CW

I really thought Lena was going to figure out Kara and James’ identity in this episode. She did mention to Kara that she had a dream of them flying, which Kara denies and says was just a crazy side-effect of the poison. Lena is not stupid and it is getting a bit annoying that she is still clueless. I really hope that this doesn’t drag out much longer. On a side note, the exosuit was awesome. It was really cool to see it in action and have Lillian be the pilot. Now that it’s made an appearance, can we maybe expect it to make it’s return once Lena finds out the truth?

Sam’s results all came back negative, but I’m surprised that Alex didn’t do any of the blood analysis at the DEO. I really thought that she would and then find something that would connect her back to Reign. Her fear of losing Ruby is what keeps her humanity alive so I think either she’s going to try and kill Ruby as Reign or that is what’s going to end up stopping her from taking over the world later on down the line. The dark Kryptonians know that’s her weakness so I’m surprised that they’re letting it go. But maybe they’re just waiting for the other Worldkillers and then could use one of them to take out Ruby.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Both Sides Now,’ which will act as a mid-mid-season finale as Supergirl takes a break until mid-April.

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