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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Damages’

Published on November 7th, 2017 | Updated on November 7th, 2017 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘Damages’

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When children across the city start getting sick and showing signs of lead poisoning, Morgan Edge calls out Lena for the lead bomb she developed to get rid of the Daxamites. Lena recognizes that Edge has placed her in a tricky position and steps down from CatCo and L Corp. An angry parent comes to CatCo and accosts Lena, saying that his son can no longer breathe because of her. Lena decides to make a statement, and essentially admit that she is responsible. She believes that she is. While giving the speech, another parent pulls a gun and fires at her. James tackles Lena and takes a bullet to the shoulder.

Sam takes Lena to her house in order to keep her safe. Lena gets a bit drunk and tells Kara off for trying to prove her innocence. She is a Luthor after all, so of course she’s guilty. Kara doesn’t listen. She and Sam work to figure out a connection between the children, who live scattered across the city. Finally, they find that their parents were making purchases at food trucks near a pool. They head off to investigate and find that the pool is riddled with a chemical that acts in the same way as lead when it comes in contact with water. The company that makes the chemicals is conveniently owned by Edge. Kara calls Lena to deliver the good news that she wasn’t responsible and drops the name of the chemical company. Lena instantly knows that Edge is responsible.

Lena confronts Edge, but he scoffs at her claims. He tells her he sold off that company years ago and that he’s a bit disappointed in her. They’re just going to keep going back and forth throwing accusations at each other. That’s when Lena pulls a gun on him. She says that the person who poisoned those kids deserves to die, no trial, no judge. Just death. Unfortunately, Edge was ready for her and has one of his men knock her out.

Lena wakes up on a cargo plane carrying a load of chemicals. She goes to the front of the plane and finds that it is being controlled remotely by Edge. She tries to get a signal out, but Edge cuts her off. He didn’t do it time, however, and the DEO picks up on the first part of the message. Kara recognizes Lena’s voice. Edge orders the release of the cargo. Lena tries to stop the chemicals from dropping and that’s when Supergirl appears. She closes the cargo doors. Edge’s next step is to crash the plane. Kara does what she can inside the plane to stop it from going down, but the stress blows one of the engines and the amount of force from Kara splits the plane in half. The chemicals are in one half, Lena in the other. Kara does her best to hold both of them up, but they’re going down. Lena tells her to let her go. She can’t let more people be infected by the chemicals. Kara refuses to do so, then orders Lena to climb up to her. Lena does so, then grabs Kara’s arm. Kara releases that side of the plane and is able to stop the chemicals. At his base, Edge has his accomplice shot the computer, then Edge takes the gun, covering the handle with a cloth so his prints don’t get on it, and shoots the accomplice.

Afterward, Supergirl confronts Edge. He laughs at her though, saying that the only way to stop him is to kill him. Edge knows that she won’t do it. For now, Kara leaves him alone.

At Sam’s house, Lena thanks Sam and Kara for sticking by her side. She tells them they have every right to be mad at her for what she said while drinking. Kara says that’s what family is for. Sam agrees. The moment is cut short when Kara gets a phone call from Alex.

Image: The CW

This episode saw the break-up of Alex and Maggie. It’s been building since the season premiere that they would split up because of the issue of having kids. Alex desperately wants to be a mom, but Maggie doesn’t want kids, and isn’t going to change her mind. They’ve had several nights in which they’ve argued over the issue, but neither is backing down from their stance. It’s an incredibly emotional break-up and incredibly realistic. They both still love each other deeply so it’s not a nasty end to the relationship. They recognize how they have made each other into stronger people and thank each other. Who knows, maybe Maggie will come around somewhere down the line. Alex calls Kara while at the bar getting drunk. She is not in a good place and Kara is determined to help her out. She calls J’onn and says that she and Alex are going away for a couple of days. Alex asks where they’re going and Kara says home.

The end of the episode finds Sam putting Ruby to sleep. Ruby notices that Sam has a hole in her shirt, which Sam thinks is weird. She doesn’t remember tearing her shirt. Later, she examines the hole and a bullet falls out of her shirt. Sam was also shot during the attack on Lena’s life. She examines her side, but finds no trace of a wound.

Supergirl delivered another strong episode this week with a whole lot of character development. Katie McGrath did a great job portraying the emotional turmoil that Lena went through. I am interested to see how the Lena/Edge conflict continues to play out. There’s no doubt that he will be the reason Lena further spirals into evil acts. Chyler Leigh and Floriana Lima shined once again this week as we saw the end of Sanvers. Their final moments and Maggie saying Alex will be a great mom before closing the door all but ripped your heart out. Everything between the two was incredibly well done.

Sam has yet another power, and I’m curious what else she’s going to develop as we draw closer and closer to the Reign reveal. Regardless of what else reveals itself, she’s going to be a formidable opponent for Supergirl. It’s also going to be quite a surprise and hard reveal for Kara as she comments this week how well she and Sam worked together to prove Lena’s innocence. The three of them have become close friends.

Next week we’re going to Alex and Kara’s hometown in the episode entitled ‘Midvale.’

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