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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Both Sides Now’

Published on February 6th, 2018 | Updated on February 6th, 2018 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘Both Sides Now’

Winn has successfully located the second Worldkiller, a young woman named Julia, and the DEO sends out a force to bring her in. Kara, Alex, J’onn, and Mon-El confront her and Kara sees that she’s scared. Julia wants to know what is going on and Kara tries to talk her down. But suddenly Alex points her gun at Julia, telling her to get down. This triggers the Worldkiller within and Purity attacks. She puts up a strong fight, but J’onn manages to subdue her.

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They take Purity to the DEO where Kara tries to talk to Julia. Alex is not having any of what Purity says and gets verbally aggressive with her. Alex tells her all the ways that they can torture her for information and the agencies that will fight over her so they can dissect her. Purity fights back, saying that Alex is weak and alone. Kara pulls Alex away.

Winn informs the others that they found a Kyrptonian shard in Julia’s house. Kara recognizes it, saying that there is something similar in the Fortress of Solitude. If they can decode it, then maybe they can figure out where Reign resides. Winn starts the process, but it’s going to take a while. In the meantime, he helps J’onn and Mon-El try to figure out how to repair the Legion’s ship. Imra comes in, asking if Mon-El had done certain things and he is short with her. They argue and Imra angrily leaves. Later, J’onn talks to Mon-El, in which the Daxamite admits that he and Imra did not marry out of love. In order to unite two planets and establish their credibility as the Legion, they married. Eventually, they did come to love each other. Mon-El says that he thought he was finally past Kara, but being back has brought those feelings back. J’onn says that Mon-El just needs to be honest with Imra.

Meanwhile, Lena is back at L Corp and gives Sam the day off. She wants her to spend time with Ruby and that the job has been incredibly stressful. Sam is thankful and takes Ruby ice skating. While racing, Sam suddenly stops, her eyes changing color. Then, she disappears. Terrified, Ruby calls Lena. She tells Lena that her mother has been having blackouts. Lena admits that she knows and that they are doing everything they can to help Sam get better.

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Kara is talking to Purity when she finally decides to fight back. She has her own version of the Canary Cry and uses that to subdue Kara and break out of the DEO. She then heads off to the subway. Kara, J’onn, Alex, and Mon-El go after her. A fight breaks out in the underground. Luckily, Winn developed some sonic dampeners for the team to wear, but J’onn and Mon-El are forced out of the battle because Purity broke a pillar and they are trying to keep the entire station from collapsing. Kara and Alex are no match for Purity. Purity gets Kara in a headlock and is choking her when Alex appeals to her humanity. She saw a flash of Purity reverting back to Julia and latches onto that. Alex apologizes for not believing in the good inside of Purity. She knows Julia is still in there and that she is strong. Julia wins the internal struggle and releases Kara. Unfortunately, that’s when Reign decides to appear. Kara is still worn out from the battle with Purity and can do nothing as Reign goes after Alex. Julia calls out to Reign, saying to take her instead. Reign grabs Julia and they fly off.

Back on the Legion ship, Winn and Imra have figured out what the problem is. Mon-El thanks Winn for his help and then he and Imra have a deep conversation. He apologizes to her and she says that the real reason she was upset was because she saw Mon-El looking at Kara in the way he looked at Imra when he first said he loved her. She asks if Mon-El still loves Kara, and he says that he doesn’t know. Imra then tells Mon-El that it’s time she tells him the real reason she and Brainiac-5 decided on this mission. Unfortunately, we don’t get to hear the details.

At Reign’s fortress, she tells Julia that her awakening has just begun. Now that Purity is in the fold, it’s time for them to seek out the third Worldkiller, Pestilence.

At L Corp, Lena is visited by a very upset Sam, who demands to see Ruby. Lena tells her that Ruby is safe and did the right thing in calling for help. Sam asks what Lena told Ruby, but doesn’t fully listen. She gets mad at Lena, telling her that she had no right to tell Ruby that she is sick, which Lena didn’t. Sam very forcefully tells Lena to stop talking, then turns on her. Her eyes flash to red and Lena sees it happen. Sam then returns to herself and Lena asks if Sam just experienced a blackout. Now that Lena’s seen what happens, she promises Sam that she’s going to figure out how to fix her.

This episode brought Kara to a new way of thinking. She has now seen the internal struggle in Purity and Reign, and believes that maybe they weren’t destined to defeat the Worldkillers. What if they are supposed to save them? Alex managed to get through to Julia, who temporarily subdued Purity. Kara saw it on Fort Rozz with Reign. This would make sense with what Mon-El, Imra, and Brainiac-5 said they knew about Reign. One day, she just left. Which implies that she was not defeated. I knew that this would be the way the series was going to go. But it’s going to be really hard for them to go against the Worldkillers if all three of them are united. Team Supergirl needs to act fast.

Lena is getting closer to the secrets of all of her friends. I’m wondering how Sam will react once it’s revealed to her that she is Reign.

Supergirl is taking another break and will return Monday, April 16.

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