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‘Supergirl’ Preview ‘Red Faced’

Supergirl Preview ‘Red Faced’

The next episode of Supergirl is entitled “Red Faced” and Kara goes up against Red Tornado, who was created by the military and General Sam Lang as a training cyborg. According to the preview, Kara goes a little too far and breaks the cyborg, causing it to go rogue. Now, it is up to her to stop him.

In the preview description, it says that Winn helps Alex investigate the murder of her father. I don’t really know how well Winn and Alex know each other (the only time we have seen them together is Thanksgiving dinner, I think), but it is an interesting team up. The fact that we are moving forward with that storyline means we will be focusing on the DEO and Henshaw this week.

As mentioned above, we will have the introduction of General Lang. In the comics, he is no fan of the Supers. Since Kara messes up his project, there will probably be no love between the two. I wonder if he will continue as a reoccurring character and potentially be set up as a villain.

In casting news, Blake Jenner is joining the ranks as a new love interest for Kara (more on that in a second). Jenner is most known for his work on Glee where he played opposite Kara, Melissa Benoist. In Glee, they had romantic ties. Jenner and Benoit are married in real life, so I don’t doubt the chemistry between the two.

Honestly, I think it is ridiculous that we are getting another love interest for Kara. There’s tension between her and James, and in an extended preview of the season, we see that they grow even closer, but he is currently with Lucy. We also have Winn, who just works quietly in the background doing everything he can for Kara. Unless one of the boys leaves town or gets killed off, we are on our way to a love pentagon.

Supergirl is also on the search for a 13- year-old version of Kal-El. Looks like we’ll get to finally see Superman, but as a young boy. It is rumored that he will appear in episode 13 through a series of flashbacks. I think that the flashbacks will be of Kal and the Danvers and possibly James (since in the comics they were childhood friends). It wouldn’t make sense for the flashbacks to be about Kara and Kal on Krypton because he was only a baby. I think that it will be about Kal and the Danvers and perhaps shed some more light on the DEO, Henshaw, and Jeremiah Danvers’ death.

But for now, get ready for Red Tornado.

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