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‘Supergirl’ Preview ‘Myriad’

Supergirl Preview ‘Myriad’

Myriad had been activated.


Non and Indigo have finally put the plan into action, and have turned National City into their pawns. Kara seems to be the only one not affected by whatever Myriad actually is. From the promo, it looks like Maxwell Lord will step up to help Supergirl save the city. He’ll have to figure out a way to counter what I’m assuming is a ‘psychic wave’ and free everyone from their zombie-like state.

Absent from the video is J’onn and Alex. They are on their way to break into Cadmus and figure out why it is that J’onn saw Alex’s dead father, Jeremiah, alive. I’m sure we will get some indication as to what they are up to, but we probably won’t see too much. In an interview, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says that Cadmus will be saved for season two (though CBS has not yet announced a renewal of the series, so make sure you watch the last two episodes of the season). There’s a lot of possibility with Cadmus in the mix including, Superboy.

We have reached the end of the season and it looks like things are about to get really intense. Supergirl has grown so much since the pilot and only continues to get better. The final two episodes look like they will jump off the momentum of a really great crossover episode. But again, if you want more, make sure you watch. I would love for the series to get renewed so we can get more of the Woman of Steel.

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