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‘Supergirl’ Preview ‘Childish Things’

Supergirl Preview ‘Childish Things’

Supergirl returns after a week off with a dark turn of events. Winn’s father has escaped from prison, and he is a really bad guy. He was originally incarcerated for creating bombs out of toys and blowing people up. Wow. Winn turned out relatively normal and cheery for someone whose father is the equivalent of Trickster and the Joker. His villain name, by the way, is Toyman, and he breaks out of prison with a death yo-yo.

Kara vows to put Winn’s father back in prison, and from the promo it seems like that is easier said than done. There will be evil toys galore that will threaten National City. We should expect to see a lot of emotional scenes from Winn, and I am glad that we are finally going to get more of his backstory.

In casting news, Hope Lauren joins us as Bizarro. A little bit of research shows that she appeared in the previous episode as Maxwell Lord’s Jane Doe. So Maxwell creates Bizarro to take down Supergirl. Makes you question who is the main villain of the season.

Also joining the ranks is Laura Vandervoort. Laura played Kara/Supergirl on Smallville, but this time around she will tackle a
more villainous role as Indigo, who is a robotic, futuristic version of Brainiac. Laura is slated to appear in episode 15.

A big congrats is in order as Supergirl took home the People’s Choice Award for Favorite New TV Drama. Way to go! Supergirl has really come a long way since the pilot, and only continues to get better.

Supergirl returns Monday, January 18 on CBS.

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