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‘Suicide Squad’: New Trailer with Katana Footage

Now that the movie is less than a month away, it’s time that we got some new footage. This time though, we have some new footage of Katana in action! Take a look:


Katana (portrayed by Karen Fukuhara) is the number two in command under Rick Flag (portrayed by Joel Kinnaman) who works for Amanda Waller (who is portrayed by Viola Davis). Don’t expect this to be the only new thing you’ll see this week, because Suicide Squad has been announced as a part of the Warner Bros. Hall H panel at the San Diego Comic Con.

You may have seen a Katana come to life in the television show Arrow. After seeing the Katana there, I am super excited on what her story will be here. Not to mention, the awesome Katana cosplays that we’ll see!

Suicide Squad will hit the theatres on August 5!


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