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‘Suicide Squad’: New Character Posters Revealed

The load of pictures I have now on my laptop, is insane! Now yet again, Warner Bros. has released 11 new character posters that look incredibly amazing. Take a look:

suicide-squad-boomerang-poster-2-186820 suicide-squad-croc-poster-2-186821 suicide-squad-deadshot-poster-3-186822 suicide-squad-diablo-poster-2-186823 suicide-squad-enchantress-poster-2-186824 suicide-squad-harley-poster-3-186825 suicide-squad-joker-poster-3-186826 suicide-squad-katana-poster-2-186827 suicide-squad-rick-flagg-poster-2-186828 suicide-squad-slipknot-poster-2-186829 suicide-squad-waller-poster-2-186830

It has a mingle of styles if you ask me, it has a tinge of pop-art, a bit of graffiti styled drawings and comic book sound effects in the background! I must say, these are so much fun to look at!

Suicide Squad hits the theatre on August 5!



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