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See the Kids From ‘Stranger Things’ in the Themed Maze at Halloween Horror Nights Universal Studios!

Universal Studios is well into its thrilling Halloween season with a bunch of new houses. They include Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Trick Or Treat, Chucky, a Vamp ’85 New Years Eve Party, and more.

One of the standout houses is the Stranger Things house. The breakout Netflix series, Stranger Things, was the source of inspiration for one of the most memorable mazes. They went all out to make it come to life, and from those we’ve heard who have gone through it, it’s so realistic you’d think you were transported to Hawkins Indiana, and in some parts, the Upside Down. It is going to be the center of attention at the Universal Studios annual haunted extravaganza, which entails the park being packed with an array of pop-up haunted memorabilia recreated from horror shows and films in amazing detail.

The Stranger Things maze is now open for fans at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights in both Los Angeles and Orlando. Singapore has also now joined in the horrifying fun activities.

The opening night in California had members of the cast of Stranger Things in attendance. They walked where guests are taken, through some Hawkins landmarks such as the middle school, the Byers home, the laboratory and the gloriously slimy upside-down.

Check out the video of the maze while Caleb McLoughlin (Lucas), Sadie Sink (Max), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) and Priyah Ferguson (Erica) make their way through the scares, and uncannily similar actors.

Creative director, John Murdy, revealed to EW how the props came to life in order to scare the guests out of their skins.

At the beginning of the maze lies the forest replicated from the night when Byers went missing. The overturned bicycle with its wheels spinning and headlight still on is visible to the guests. They also get a tiny look at the Demogorgon for purpose of suspense. This leads to the monster being fully revealed throughout the maze. It’s possible by showing it back lit behind a screen. The roaring sound of the monster stalking Will through the woods and reaching into the Byers’ house walls is also heard during the experience. The actors, according to Murdy, are about 10, masked in the Demogorgon’s costume throughout the maze. Creating the costumes required the creative director to reach out to the original creators, and sculptors replicated the monster in the same way it looked in the film.

In the maze, guests get to see a replica of Will’s room with the same props used in the film, the portal used by Nancy to enter the Upside-Down, the upside down, with the glowing specks and the bloody deer is quite realistic.

Are you headed to Halloween Horror Nights to check out the Stranger Things Maze, or any of the others this year?