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Stephen King’s ‘The Outsider’ Already Tapped for 10 Episode Series!

Released less than one month ago, Stephen King’s latest novel, The Outsideris already tapped for on-screen adaptation backed by the film company, Media Rights Capital (MRC). MRC hired veteran novelist and screenwriter Richard Price to write a 10 episode series based on King’s most recent #1 bestseller.

“The thriller is an is-he or isn’t-he an innocent man accused of a horrible crime story, a theme King has covered in past fiction like Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, which became the film classic The Shawshank Redemption.” – Source: Deadline

As a partner on King’s epic Dark Tower series, MRC is quite familiar with the Stephen King Universe and it is no surprise that Jack Bender and Marty Bowen, who teamed up for King’s Mr. Mercedes series, were chosen as The Outsider’s executive producers; Mr. King himself has been given the option to join the executive production team. There is also a possibility that Mr. Bender may direct the pilot episode for The Outsider series, and with credits that include episodes of Lost, Game of Thrones, and King’s own Under The Dome, there is no doubt that he is the best man for the job. While this early stages adaption has no network partner as of yet, that will most likely change very soon.

“The book itself has been garnering solid reviews since being published last month, with The AV Club calling it a “supernatural No Country for Old Men” and “an It for the Trump era.” – Source: SYFY

As one of Stephen King’s ‘Constant Readers’, I am always eager to immerse myself in his latest work. I must admit, I have not yet finished reading The Outsider but am completely obsessed with how this tale is unfolding with surprises at every turn. Even when I ask myself “What Would Stephen Do? (WWSD)”, he goes and does something different. That is part of the magic though, he keeps us guessing and I would not want it any other way. As I sit here writing this article my mind is pre-occupied with the mysteries of The Outsider and I am anxious for some answers. Will I get them? Time to find out. WWSD indeed. 😉

Source: Deadline