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Stephen King’s ‘Cell’ Gets Trailer and a Release Date

Another one of Stephen King’s novel is getting the big screen treatment. Well, to be fair, it has been filmed and set for a while now, but is only now seeing the light of day.

‘Cell’, is King’s tale into the world of a zombie apocalypse. However, in this case there is no virus causing people to turn into walking bags of rotting flesh. In this novel, people are turning into drooling, biting versions of themselves because of a signal that comes through your cell phone. Originally published in 2006, there was talk of ‘Cell’ getting the big screen treatment a couple years ago, but then seemed to fade into the abyss like many of these projects do.

Eventually, John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson were named as the leads and the film was shot, but there was no production company in place to release and support the film.

Luckily it didn’t go to complete waste! As of this morning, ‘Cell’ has an official VOD and theatrical release date.


Directed by Paranormal Activity 2 helmer Tod Williams, the apocalyptic sci-fi horror is based on the Stephen King novel of the
same name. King adapted the screenplay alongside Adam Alleca, who previously penned the 2009 remake of Last House on the Left. Cell will arrive on VOD June 10th before arriving in theaters on July 8th. Watch the trailer below.

Source: Collider



‘Cell’ follows Clay Riddell on his journey home from the city to his family in New England. After the signal hits, and people begin to turn on each other in horrific ways, Clay joins up with a small group of survivors in his efforts to get back to his son.

As a Constants Reader of King for many years, ‘Cell’ wasn’t my favorite of his novels, but it was an easy read and lots of fun. Cusack and Jackson have already proven their great on-screen chemistry together in a tale of horror and gore with 1408. I have no doubt that it will be their performances that make Cell an instant favorite with King’s fans.

Are you going to step into Stephen King’s version of the zombie apocalypse? Will you give ‘Cell’ a shot?

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