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Stephen Amell Teases ‘Arrow’ Season 6 Opening Intro as ‘The Biggest Spoiler”

“I am someone else. I am something else. I am the Green Arrow.”

After last seasons major cliffhanger finale, fans are dying to know what’s going to happen in the upcoming 6th season of Arrow.  The season finale left the future of Team Arrow completely and totally up in the air after an emotional showdown between Oliver Queen and Adrian Chase ended with Chase taking his own life.  Chase had rigged a series of explosives to a deadman’s switch and, upon taking his own life, he triggered that switch.  The entire island blew up and engulfed in flames with Team Arrow on it leaving fans to wonder – Who, if anyone, survived the massive explosion?

Stephen Amell Teases ‘Arrow’ Season 6 Opening Intro as 'The Biggest Spoiler"

At Heroes and Villains Fan Fest New Jersey, Stephen Amell took to the stage for his panel on Sunday.  While he was careful not to dish out any spoilers, he did a whole lot of teasing for what’s to come in season 6 starting off with, of course, teasing what fans fear the most, everyone is dead.  During the panel, Amell said:

“Oliver doesn’t have a serious face this year.  Oliver is all smiles!  Everyone’s died!  He’s like, ‘all my problems are over!'”

Stephen Amell Teases ‘Arrow’ Season 6 Opening Intro as 'The Biggest Spoiler"

But are they really?  We can safely assume that’s not the case.  But just how long are fans going to have to wait to find out what happens?  According to Amell, we might get some serious answers before the episode even officially begins!

It’s become somewhat of a convention tradition for fans to ask Amell to recite the Arrow opening monologue.  Each season’s intro, so far, has been slightly different, giving clues and hinting at what’s to come throughout the season.  According to Amell, the intro for season 6 does a little more than hint at what’s to come.  It downright spoils.  In fact, it spoils so much that Amell said he couldn’t even recite it, calling it the biggest spoiler ever.  Amell said:

“Just so you know, everyone always asks me if I would do the Arrow intro.  I have to tell you, I can’t do it this year for a very specific reason.  Me doing the Arrow intro is probably the biggest spoiler that I could possibly drop about the show.”

The crowd half gasped with excitement and half groaned with disappointment but Amell wasn’t budging.  He simply apologized saying:

“Sorry!  I would get in SO much trouble!” 

Stephen Amell Teases ‘Arrow’ Season 6 Opening Intro as 'The Biggest Spoiler"

Luckily, fans won’t have to wait too much longer for answers!  Arrow’ s 6th season will premiere in just a few weeks on Thursday, October 12 at 9/8c on The CW.

Who do you think survived the island?  Let us know your predictions in the comment section below.


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