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Star Trek: New Motion Picture To Feature New Cast

In November, news broke that Fargo and Legion creator Noah Hawley would write and direct Star Trek 4, a movie said to continue the voyages of Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk and his crew.

A few weeks later, star Simon Pegg turned heads when he suggested that the news had been incorrect, and that his Enterprise crew would not be returning for Hawley’s movie. Now Hawley himself is suggesting that is indeed the case.

“To call it Star Trek IV is kind of a misnomer. I have my own take on the franchise as a life-long fan,” Hawley told The Hollywood Reporter podcast TV’s Top 5, in an interview set to bow in April.

Asked if the film would involve a new cast, he responded, “Yeah, I think so. Yeah.”

Pressed if anyone from the cast last seen in 2016’s Star Trek Beyond would return, Hawley added, “It’s early days. I don’t know. But new characters often involve new cast.”

Hawley also expounded on his vision somewhat, referencing 1982’s Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, widely considered to be a high point for Trek.

“It’s William Shatner putting on his reading glasses and lowering Khan’s shields, which cost like $9.50. There’s no big action sequence. He’s just more clever,” Hawley said, recalling a key scene. “There’s something really uplifting about that feeling. I went to Paramount and just had my own ideas for what I wanted to do with it. So that’s the direction that I’m going in. It’s still very early days, so I can’t really be more specific. But it’s going to be different.”

What do you think about an entirely new cast for Star Trek on the big screen?

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