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SNL: A Winter Clothing Ad Captures The Hell of Dressing Children

Saturday Night Live has nailed parenting and dressing children for winter photos in its Macy’s parody commercial.

“For your little ones, Macy’s has the festive fashion that’ll have them saying, ’It’s too hot,’” as one little girl pulls at her turtleneck. This is where the hilarity ensues.

“We’re offering 25% off boy’s merino wool sweaters that won’t fit over his head,” the ad continues as a tired dad wrestles the sweater over his son’s head, while the dad says, “If you just stop squirming.”

Macy’s is also selling kid’s coats so big and thick “they won’t fit into their car seat anymore.”

What is worse than getting kids into impractical winter clothes for holiday gatherings and photos? Nothing ever goes right and everyone is miserable!

The true highlight of the spoof is that Macy’s is offering 10 percent off snow boots “because they are so hard to get on they’ll strain your marriage.” Let the mother-father fighting begins because everyone’s an expert when it comes to putting shoes and boots on children!

The spoof ends with a loaded diaper and some more laughs!

Let us know your thoughts on the commercial!

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