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See the Unnerving Trailer for ‘The Strangers 2’

Horror movie fans always have one film that scares them in a way no other movie can touch. The kind of film that sends chills down your spine and makes you sleep with the lights on for a week. They’re terrifying, but you can’t avoid watching them.

For some fans, one of those movies is The Strangers, and rightfully so. The entire film is based on the notion that you could be killed simply for being home. While the first go around with the film was terrifying, The Strangers 2 is unnerving. The newest trailer for the film will make you think twice next time about answering that knock on the door.

The Strangers 2 hits theaters on March 9th. So you totally have time to go buy those extra night lights. We don’t blame you, we’ll be doing the same thing.