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See the Action Packed Trailer for Bruce Willis’ ‘Death Wish’

‘The US is home to 125 Million families, and 1 in 4 will become victims of a crime.’

The staggering statistic flashes between scenes in the new trailer for Bruce Willis’ Death Wish. The film chronicles the journey of a husband and surgeon, Dr. Paul Kersey, hellbent on revenge after the death of his wife. Thus tying in that whole, families becoming victims of a crime thing.

The home invasion is devastating and in a move that is reminiscent of Frank Castle, Kersey goes after those who killed his wife and harmed his daughter. Then, he goes after other criminals in the city, turning into a vigilante. The question is raised, in the trailer, if it’s right that he took the law into his own hands.

‘Somebody has to do it,’ as Kersey says in the trailer.

Death Wish hits theaters on March 2nd.