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Sebastian Stan Fans Raise Massive Donations for Our Big Day Out

Just weeks ago, a group of Sebastian Stan’s most compassionate fans got together to start a fundraising project. The object of their drive was simple – to raise a modest amount of money for Our Big Day Out. The organization aims to help bring joy to a small group of institutionalized children-or that was their goal at first. Now they’re able to do so much more than that.

Our Big Day Out has been able to do everything from providing monthly donations to those living below the poverty line to remodeling a placement center for children with mental disabilities. It almost seems ‘too little’ to try to sum up what they do with words, especially because the project is simply housed by motivated individuals who wanted to make the lives of those around them better.

So why Sebastian Stan? He’s a volunteer for the charity and a dedicated one at that, so it was an easy choice for these fans to want to provide assistance for such a worthy organization. He’s spoken out, more than once, about what this means to him since the fundraiser began.

We spoke with one of the fundraiser leaders, Christina, who we had the pleasure of meeting at a recent convention. She shared with us why it was so important to start this fundraiser and a little bit about what’s been happening since the start.

Christina said the inspiration for her was simple-she knew what it was like to be without.

‘One of the reasons this was important to me was because I knew what it was kind of like growing up with a very limited income source. I’ve experienced that to a certain degree because I lived like that. I knew the struggles and no children should ever experience that.’

She went on to say that it the fundraiser has done something important, in addition to raising the money. It’s brought people together.

‘By doing this fundraiser, people from every corner of the earth were brought together to support a noble cause. It just shows that we can do anything and that anything is possible. With this fundraiser, we hoped that we could also encourage others to do something selfless. Whether it be for their community, friends, family member or to a cause they believe in and feel passionately about. ‘

They achieved their goal in more than one way.

At first, the goal was £1,000. The fundraiser has now pulled in £21,327. 

There are still four days left to donate, and you can go here to do so. There are some awesome prizes available for those who donate, however, the feeling of being able to provide for children in need surpasses everything else. You can follow Our Big Day Out Fundraiser on Instagram as well.

Sebastian Stan will be back on the big screen on April 27th in Avengers: Infinity War.