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Scott M. Gimple Defends “Last Day on Earth”

Last night marked the end of season 6 of AMC’s The Walking Dead and it was brutal… for both the characters and the viewers. Our
beloved characters watched one of their own die while the viewers are left hanging not knowing who to mourn for.

Executive Producer, Scott M. Gimple discusses the controversial ending and why he chose to end it with a cliffhanger.

“The reasoning behind this was… In many ways what we saw last night was the end of the story of [episode] 16. Where Rick winds up is
completely different from where he started in 1 and where he started in 9. I know obviously what it is in 701. And presenting what occurs, to show what happened in full-force, is the beginning of the next story.” – Gimple.

With that said, Gimple comments about the fans and how he doesn’t try to tease them on purpose with all of these cliffhangers.

“We do care about our audience a great deal. We don’t enjoy the pain they go through but it is part of the greater story that they themselves are going through themselves.”- Gimple.

So if he doesn’t like to disappoint us, then why kill off our favorite characters?

“It’s something we’ve lived with since the beginning. It’s about those deaths meaning something to the story, to the other characters. I know that what’s coming up is going to change everything with the story, whether it’s a fairly new or a fairly OG character. There is a long-running plan to this show and characters will met their end, and also some characters will not meet their end for a while.” – Gimple.

I guess all we can do now until October is re-watch the episode and try to find clues as to who Negan killed, right?

“…There are a couple of things in there that might help people possibly limit the amount of people who are vulnerable. But I will recommend people not to go down that route. I truly don’t think there’s a way to puzzle it all out definitively.” – Gimple.

So there you have it folks, Scott M. Gimple felt a cliffhanger was appropriate and although he doesn’t like to see the fans upset, he will do what is necessary for the story.

“I truly hope that people see 701 and they feel that it justifies the way we decided to tell the story. That is the way that it is in our minds. I know what 701 is and I feel that it delivers on what 616 sets up.” – Gimple.

So what’d you think about the finale?

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