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Rocket League Cross-play Now Available On All Platforms

A new challenger has arrived on the battlefield! I mean, soccer field? I mean, racing track? Whichever one is closer please let me know. As of today no matter what console you play Rocket League on, whether PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, or Playstation 4, you and your buddies can team up and take on the masses!

Here is the tweet-

The tweet reads, “All My Friends. Full cross-platform play is now LIVE for all Rocket League players!” The link takes you to the Rocket League website.

Sony had been fighting crossplay last year ferociously. It had been talked about as infrastructure, as security, but it most likely came down to one thing, money. Microsoft and Nintendo even teamed up with some promotions which seemed like a dig at Sony. Everyone was upset with them, and once Epic Games got involved with Fortnite, one of the largest gaming phenomenons ever, Sony finally relented.

Fortnite hit PlayStation’s crossplay “beta” (looks like a fancy word to cover their butt if anything goes wrong) back in September. Rocket League is not only the second game to enter the program, but the first in 2019. Cross-platform play arrived via the first update of the year. It is somewhat a surprise it took this long given Psyonix said it was as easy as “flipping a switch”.

Rocket League Cross-play Now Available On All Platforms
Rocket League has many events and even a pass for earning new cosmetics. (Photo credit to Psyonix)

If you do not really care or do not want to play with other platforms, no worries. You must opt-in to be able to take advantage of any of the features. The biggest issue of the moment? There is not a name system to make it super easy to find your friends. Fortnite already had “Epic accounts” in place, and while Psyonix has talked about a “RocketID” system, it is not apparently ready.

Rocket League is available to purchase on Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch in multiple versions starting at $19.99.