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Robert Downey Jr. Gifted Chris Evans a Captain America Themed Camaro

Robert Downey Jr. is a better best friend than yours.

(Just kidding, but also, it’s true.)

Downey Jr. recently had a Camaro custom built for Evans, and the car was shown in detail on Jay Leno’s Garage, where he showcases interesting and unique cars and motorcycles and their owners.

This one may take the cake for coolest car and coolest backstory. Robert Downey Jr. not only bought this car for Chris Evans, but he had it custom built for his Marvel real-life BFF. Now, the big nerd part about this story is the fact that their on-screen characters are currently…distant. The two have gone through quite the story arc since they both became staple of the MCU. Together, Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Tony Stark (Iron Man) are a dream team. In Captain America: Civil War, they have a heated (and physical) disagreement about super humans registering to work for the government.

In Avengers: Infinity War, there is also plenty of tension between the two, even though they never share screentime. It’s mainly regarding the fact that Steve knew who killed Tony’s parents and never told him. It’s clear that Tony has a hard time thinking of him fondly, but almost calls him at one point because of what’s happening with Thanos. Bruce Banner wants the two to make up and they both survive Thanos’ snap, so chances are high that we will see them reunite in Avengers 4.

All of that aside, the two are obviously close in real life.

Leno speaks with SpeedKore Performance’s Dave Salvaggio, who gives some further detail about the hot rod and Downey’s careful design choices. It sports a LS3 enginge and a 2.9 Whipple supercharger, so you may see Chris speeding through LA. Robert went for a “melted army-man green” for the paint color, and dark distressed brown leather for the interior.

The best part about it is the Captain America shield steering wheel! We think this is something Cap fans should definitely start putting in all of their own cars.

Check out the custom car below in a clip that aired on August 30th.

Obviously, this is a gift not many people would be able to give to their friend, but when you’re a part time Marvel superhero, things are a bit different! Plus, this gift says Tony Stark all over it.

Downey Jr. is known for his sweet gifts. He also gave each cast member of Infinity War his and her own set chairs at the start of filming.

The main heroes, including Evans and Downey Jr., also got matching tattoos to commemorate the film’s meaning, but these two are still a bromance for the ages.

We’ll probably be sticking to movie theater gift cards, or candles. Sorry best friends!