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‘Rick And Morty’ Release Date Maybe Earlier Than Planned

Rick And Morty fans have been under the impression that the season 3 won’t be airing until 2017. These rumors have spread because of the finale episode of season 2, where character Mr. Poopy Butthole alluded that next season could be released after at least year and half. The original speculations were for April 2017 release.

Even so, there have been some tweets from the people behind the show that lead us to believe otherwise.

A few weeks ago at magic City Comic Con, co-creator of the show Dan Harmon mentioned it may actually return in 2016. “You guys do realize we’re at the beginning of this year?” Harmon hinted.

You can listen the panel below- the discussion begins around 10:14.

Do you think we will have an episode before the end of the year?

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